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Fell off the wagon and i need help to get back on it!!! & T25

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by bigjaco, 7 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. bigjaco

    bigjaco Full Member

    Hi All

    Had my first child over a month ago and since then my diet has gone out of the window along with an urge to eat excessive bad junk food. My exercise is practically in negative figures.

    So i need some help and inspiration from you guys.

    I have been eating then same sorts of dinners which are usually things like curries, chillies pasta dishes. Usually those that are very quick to make and then eat. Has anybody got any tips for quick dinners after work that i can put together?

    I was hoping for some advice from those who have had a child and gone through the same thing.

    I will also be looking at doing T25 has anybody done this? Can review it?


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  3. I swear by my slow cooker! With 2 children its a life saver. I prep all my ingrediants the night before ( when the kids are asleep), and chuck them all in the next morning on low for 8ish hours. So come 5.30 tea a doddle (and less washing up!) xx
  4. Barbette

    Barbette Gold Member

    I completely agree about the slow cooker, I work nights and would be lost without mine. You'd be surprised what you can cook in them I do a chicken dinner for my kids and OH in them. I put a full chicken in without the skin with all the veg and potatoes. You can make lasagne, jacket potatoes and countless other things in them. Also try batch cooking when you have a little more time and freeze them so you can just get them out heat them when you're having a busy day. Good luck x
  5. Barbette, how do you lasange in the slow cooker and how long do the jackets go in for xx
  6. jogirl

    jogirl Silver Member

    Another vote for batch cooking: soups, stews, curries, chillies and bolognese all freeze well. I also make a huge vat of spicy tomato sauce every month or so and then freeze it in portion sizes. You can then add whatever you have on hand to make a meal: beans, quorn mince or pieces, peas and carrots - anything really! It's also great for "hiding" super-free veg. I just blitz onion/pepper/celery/garlic/carrot/chili in the food processor, cook in Frylight then add four or five tins of tomatoes and a carton of passata. I chuck in a handful of dried herbs and simmer till it's thick, then whizz with the hand blender and pour into freezer containers. If you are feeding children you might want to leave out the chili, and you can add any veg you like.
  7. Barbette

    Barbette Gold Member

    For the lasagne you make the sauce as normal then you layer it up in your slow cooker, topping with you white sauce and cheese and put it on low for 4-6 hours. You don't need to cook the sauce with the meat/veg in all the way through as it will continue to cook in the slow cooker. You can do pasta bakes as well by cooking the sauce in the slow cooker and then about an hour before you want it add the pasta and top with cheese.
    For jacket potatoes Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes Recipe - Cooking | Add a Pinch
    If you google a recipe and then add slow cooker you'll find 1000's of recipes, I've even made bread in it x
  8. Amazing thankyou xx

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