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Fell off the wagon


addicted to minimins
A bowl of cereal and a owl of cherries sounds a lot better than consuming a pizza! Sounds like a treat and not a binge, you will be okay hun! :hug99:
That's only a small blip! Nothing to be too down hearted about. Like the above says, could have been much worse! Drink lots of water, up the activity a little and you will be fine! It's when you make a habit of this it becomes a problem - chalk it up to a lesson learned woman. ;)


On a mission for boobs!
Dont beat yourself up over it. When I fall off the wagon I eat pizza hut and/or sweet popcorn at the cinema! lol!

Cereal and cherries would be a result for me! :p


Full Member
You haven't fell off, just teetered on the edge. Keep going!
Keep at it my love! Thats a minute little blip :D xx

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