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Fell out of the zone

I did 100% all week and then on my weigh in day yesterday I ate a sandwich. I mean arrrrggg I just went bla and ate it. Went on to have my weigh in and only lost 1/2 a pound. My CDC was great and helpfull. It's also that time of the month and it's so hard to resist food then. Then I went out for a meal and enjoyed it very much. Today I feel bla as well, just don't want to be bothered :( I'm on track at the minute but it's soo dam hard to do. Where did me being in the zone go :confused: I could be at goal next week if I pulled my socks up.

I had some lovely compliments yesterday, the first I've received. Maybe I let it go to my head. Deep breaths....
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Hi I had my 1st weighing after two weeks and have lost 15lb !! Tho was abit gutted did expect to loose few more pounds but it's time of the month! So it must be extra fluid.. Roll on next Friday can't wait.. Gud luck don't give up xx

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15lbs is awesome!! On SW or WW you'd be chuffed at loosing 1-2lbs a week! 15lbs is phenomenal! Well done!!

I've been on and off the wagon the last 2 days. (more specifically cocked up tuesday, fine wed, messed up thursday big style and back on it today) with no disruption to ketosis, but also no weight loss since week 1 weigh in which was wed. I feel miserable and really hungry :(

Sure you've seen my wingey posts floating around, cant get back into it! Its hard!!!!!!!! Espec when scales say nothing is happening and the scales at the docs added 5lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

I cried and had to be looked after by bf who ended up coming round after his shift finished at midnight to look after me and make sure I slept before work instead of being awake freaking out! And eating.

Lucky girl me.....still f**king hungry and thinking about food though.


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The docs scales were higher for me, I just ignore them :)
thanks lauren :) xxxx


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Not before I told them they weren't right though, lol x
Lol, I said to the nasty woman I wouldnt be getting on her scales again because they were wrong and mean! And she laughed at me and told me to stop CD!!!!!


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How rude, maybe they should just shut up & sort their scales out, ha ha ha x
Lauren, I like you!! Same wave length!!!!!!!!

And I just talked myself out of hunger!!! :D
I only believe my own scales, otherwise I'd go mad!! Still off the wagon today but plan to get back on tomorrow and restart my weight loss. I'm not giving up this time, no way
Me either! Stay strong!!!!
First shake down the hatch, feel sick this morning but to be expected considering all the crap I ate!!!
Blip today but not allowing it to turn into a huge binge, it's over and I'll carry on. I will be 100% tomorrow

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