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  1. AngelWings

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    This is very unusual for me and I'm not sure why this is happening, but...

    I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS, and I don't think I have it, but I wasn't sure where else to ask this question. I do have some of the symptoms of PCOS, but I don't think I qualify since my periods do come monthly (albeit irregular).

    Now, I started Weight Watchers yesterday, so I've only been on the diet two days. But for some reason, my OH SO SENSITIVE body is now bleeding between periods. Again, this is not something that usually happens to me (okay, it did happen once before, and I ended up having to go on Celexa for PMDD soon thereafter... not sure if the two are related, but I did notice my moods went crazier than ever once I started the intermittent bleeding).

    Do you think the bleeding has something to do with possible cysts rupturing or something? My period isn't due until the end of this month/beginning of February. I don't have any STD's (thank god), I am not sexually active and have not done anything different besides walking 2 miles every day for the past week and cutting back my calories.

    So, again, I'm not sure if I have PCOS, but maybe I could? I dunno. What do you think could be happening?
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  3. Gwella

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    I'm afraid I can't help much re the odd bleeding, but can confirm yes you can have PCOS with periods. Sometimes you can have periods without ovulation; sometimes you still ovulate. If you have other symptoms, it might be worth asking your dr for testing. And generally unexplained bleeding is best to consult the dr about!
  4. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    I had an unrelated ultrasound and was diagnosed with PCOS. I have no symptoms, really. I get my periods regularly, I am losing weight and have 2 children. One thing that I have noticed is that I sometimes bleed inbetween periods, sometimes red, sometimes brown. That is the only symptom. It's a posibility. :)
  5. lennis

    lennis Full Member

    Go to the doctors and get it checked out. I do not have PCOS however I have what the doctor described as an almost hybrid between polyps and fibroids, not quite a polyp, not quite a fibroid. However before the diagnosis I had similar symptoms to yours. Everything was fine then there was intermittent bleeding, followed by periods that then doubled in duration, to a period that never ended. By the end of it all, I was anaemic with all the associated joys that go with that. I am now on a cocktail of things till I can be admitted to the hospital for an operation to sort it out.

    Don't wait, record everything that happens and take the information to a doctor. At least they can start to look at the causes. I put mine down to age (41) and the possibility of early onset Menopause, I was wrong and nearly ended up in hospital because I didn't want to discuss things.
  6. monkeytheory

    monkeytheory Full Member

    The trouble with PCOS is there is just a list of like 10 symptoms and if you have a combination of any of them you'll be diagnosed with it, definitely track everything in a journal and take it to the doc, the bleeding is something to get sorted sooner rather than later

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