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FernXx's Food Diary..

Thought i'd share with you all my food diary.. hope i don't bore you too much ;) I weigh in every wednesday so my week starts wednesday-wednesday.. but i shant lie, i don't count wednesday's.. as my theory goes that no matter what you eat on the day you weigh in, your not gunna make it any better or worse.. lol

so.. Thursday - extra easy.

breaky- Mullerlight mixed with 28g Jordans Musilie HE(B). 1 orange, 1 apple.

Dinner- Poached egg x2, 2 Eat smart diet pork sausages, baked beans and a grilled tomatoe. technically a cooked breaky lol

Tea- Pasta with a homemade sauce
consisting of Red onion, red and green peppers, 1 caugette, a can of tuna and a can of tinned tomates. with cheese on top HE(A) and another mullerlight for afters

syns- 1 bon bon not sure what syn value this is so guess 3syns , and a little square of chocky 2 syns.

Total syns approx- 5 syns.


breaky- Mullerlight mixed with 28g Jordans musili HE(B)

Dinner- Potatoe wedges/loaded skins. mixed with redonion, red pepper, bacon and natural yog 0%. with baked beans.

Tea- i finished off my pasta an sauce mix from thursday.. with cheese HE(A) and for afters i had two slices of fat free cake which is 3 syns, as i made large slices so they were 1 and half syns each ;) with another mullerlight.

syn value for day. 3 syns.

Saturday Breaky- Mullerlight with Jordans Musili cereal 28g.

Dinner i went out for lunch,

Harvesters have a salad bar, so had my share of salad, then i had chicken with the skin removed, a baked potatoe and sweetcorn. which i added bbq sauce too.. 1/2 syn per table spoon. so 1 syn altogether.
afters i had a big bowl of watermelon, melon, strawberrys and rasberrys.

Tea- Eat smart diet sausages wrapped in bacon, fat removed.. with homemade mash made with ickle bit of milk and cheese to use my HE(A). Brocolie and carrots and gravey with chopped redonions in, made from gravey granuels with no added fat. 1 syn. I then had one piece of my fat free cake with a muller light 1.5 syns.

syns for day- 4.5 syns

Sunday (today)

Breaky- 2 apple and sultana alpen lights HE(B), with a mullerlight and an orange.

Lunch- chicken-skin removed, raost potatoes made with fry light, brocolie, sprouts & carrots, and gravey made from granuels with no added fat.. 1 syn.

Tea- Making the macroni and brocolie bake that i posted up in sw recipes section (3 syns)..and i also plan to have a WW strawberry cheesecake at 9.5 syns. Yum!

predicted syn count for day..13.5 syns.

Obviously all these days are Healthy extra as it suits me better..

any thoughts suggestions?

i generally always loose weight each week unless i have notably had a bad week..such as my week long holiday to cornwall which consisted of many scons and clotted cream etc.. however only gained a pound so hoping to get that off this week and get my 4 stone sticker.. fingers crossed!!

anyays, thanks for listening :) really appriciate all your support xxxxxxxxxxx
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I love cooking and preparing food.. trying new things and aslong as im full, thats all that matters!! although can be difficult as you very rarely get breaks working in a salon! .. the jordans musilie is nice.. just wish they'd give you a few nuts ;) but i find that it goes better with mullerlight than any other cereal as it doesnt taste dry..

thanks hun :) xxx
I'm back in the salon today, so am having to prepare for odd eating times and possibility of no breaks.. so..

Tuesday .. Breaky- 1 alpen light (HEB), 4 bacon rashers with all fat removed and grilled, 2 eggs, baked beans and tomatoes.

Snacks- chopped rasberrys and strawberrys and grapes, with sweetner and a crushed up alpen light (HEB).
home made scotch eggs x2 = 2 syns.
hartleys low cal jelly 0.5 syns, x4 of those chockys tick buiscuity things off the advert= 2 syns.

dinner- Spag bowl, using extra lean mince and cheese (HEA)

sooo.. approx syns for day 4.5 :) xx

hope u all have a good day too x

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