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few Qs

Hi have been reading through the forums, im doing quite well on SW but have come up with a few questions after reading some comments on here.

If I don't have Weetabix in the morning, can I have 4 bits of Nimble, using 2 for HEA and 2 for HEB?

Do I count the healthy extras in syns, if i have a piece of Nimble as a HEB, do I have to count that as 2.5 syns or is it really an 'extra' as well as my 15 syns?

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Hexa is milk or cheese & there is such a wide selection of Hexb. If you didn't have your weetabix in the morning you could have it in the evening or chose to have something else. If doing EE you can only have 1 hexa & 1 hexb but if doing Green or Original you can have 2 hexa & 2 hexb.

So if you were doing a green or original day you could have 4 slices of Nimble wholemeal or 4 slices of Nimble malted twice, which amounts to 2 hexb.

Healthy Extra's are just that you don't need to count them as syns, but if for example you only had 1 weetabix, instead of 2 you would have to count that as a syn as you've not eaten what the plan states is a hexb.

Apparently there is a thread on here somewhere which explains it all very well. Much better than my waffle I think:D
sorry i meant, 2 nimble break for heb1 and heb2?

edit: sorry, thanks


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Just to add - if you have already had your HEs and then have some more bread, cheese or whatever then you do need to syn it from your daily allowance.

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You can have 1 or 2 Healthy Extra A Choices and 2 Healthy Extra B Choices.
These are extras and dont affect your daily syns.

If you chose Nimble as a healthy extra B choice, you can have 2 pieces, if you want 4 pieces, you could use this as your 2nd HE B choices. Anything else ontop of that that has a syn value would go towards your daily syn allowance.

Healthy Extra A choices are for such things as Milk and Cheese

I hope that this explains a little bit, reading back it kinda sounds like im waffling!!! :)

This is on Green/Original Days - I dont do EE so im not sure on the rules of HE's for that plan!. x

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