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Few Questions please...


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Evening Ladies,

Wondered if I could get your suggestions for breakfast without using Hex B.

Have mainly been having all bran with skimmed milk.
On Sat had 3 egg omelette with onions, cheese, ham etc and Sun, had 3 egg scrambled egg with bacon, mushrooms etc - dont have time for this in the week.
How many eggs do you eat per week?

Due to work tomorrow, need to bring sandwich (red day, so will have wholemeal bread HEX B, LF cheese HEX A & ham sandwich, salad etc) and having potatoes HEX B with dinner.
For breakfast was thinking of using HEX A - skimmed milk and blending with mandarin mullerlight with frozen fruits.

Also, is their max amount of meat you can have on red day.
For tomorrows diner, have "fryed" onion, mushrooms & green peppers with extra lean mince (454gr pack) and added bovril from jar with water with cumin & lea & perrins. Have finely sliced 300gr of new potatoes on top - if I want can I eat half portion or should this serve 4 people?

Also, if I need snack tomorrow, have no syns or HEX, what would you suggest to bring with me.

Thanks so much,
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Things for breakfast

Smoked kippers, scrambled egg, fresh tomatoes & mushrooms

Frittata .. like a big omelette add what you want peppers onion, mushrooms tomatoes etc.... if green day add potato, if red add ham or bacon.. eat hot or let it go cold and take with a salad for packed lunch

Gammon steak, fried egg tinned toms and mushroom

Beans, fried egg, quorn suasage.

Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce with a salad


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Great thanks fellow team member.
Would the milk shake thing be okay?

Also what about dinner portion?



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Apparently we have to stay away from the blender as it makes the fruit reallllllly synful.. defrost the fruit and just mix it in.. I take mine in a plastic tub to work frozen and by the time lunch time comes its defrosted and I just pour the yoghurt on.

Not too sure about the dinner portions. would need to look in book but I think as long as the meat is free and the potato is HEb portion for one size then fill ur boots....

I tend to either be totally green or red and use my HEb for things like crispbreads or Alpen lights etc.. very rarely have meat and potato or fish and rice etc etc


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Oh dear, will have to see how the WI goes on Thursday - 1st one.
I have been having the bread and/or potatoes with RED day (using them as Hex B).
Hoping for a loss (although have eaten 3.5 syns too much - fine weather and alcohol).
Take It Easy,


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I think Em has given you all the advice you need so good luck for WI and I'm sure the 3.5 Syns over won't be a problem x


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Tnks ladies, no booze since Sun.. but will jog to pub on Thurs, hopefully with good news after WI..

Just as comparison, how many eggs do you eat per week?

Id say on an average week it could be bout 12/15 ish ish! Had four for my tea tonight-yummy xxx
tnx ladies, will try to plan it better next week.
Although good to know Rainbow, I'm not in this "egg" thing alone.
nope, def not preggers and my colestrol is good, so munch munch..
think i pigged out a bit on the eggs at the weeked..

1 other question... sorry...
am away with friends this weekend at cottage in wales - yipee and we are having home made local food delivered
Main Course Choice (this will prob be my big night after WI)
Beef & Guinness pie with pastry or fish pie with creamy mash..

What do you think will be best??

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