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Few questions!!!

Because i am still new to all this and my chemist is totally wrong about everything im best of asking the questions on here.

So when do i start to refeed on LT? do i do that when i reach my goal weight or a little bit before?

on the maintenace after TFR do you continue to loose the weight or will you just float around the same?

Most people join a slimming club eg ww, from what i have read do you then follow the ww plan? if so wont you still be losing weight?

Sorry for all the questions, i guess ive started LT started losing the weight and now thinking ahead and don't have a clue what to do.
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Hi :) I can't answer your questions with facts as I dont know for sure! All I can do is tell you my personal plan! I am going to stay on LT until I'm half a stone less than my target weight. I want to allow around 7lns for likely water and glycogen weight that will return when you finish being in ketosis. Then I'm going to refeed for two weeks still using LT TFR shakes and healthy low carb food. Leaving small amounts of fruit etc until 2nd week. Then I'm going to go onto maintenance with a structure... Looking into the harcombe diet or maybe phase 2 Atkins. Possibly ww but I'm not sure I personally like ww points system. But as long as you keep to around 1200 calories a day of healthy food... Whichever plan you choose will help you to maintain.
Everyone will have different plans... And iv seen plenty of people continue to lose after TFR using ww etc. It's really up to you! X


Sensibly losing :)
my chemist told me to go just under my goal to allow for gain when coming off.... I then plan on doing the complete re-feed and then being a rabbit and sticking to rabbit food... ;) joking aside I am going to stick to a really healthy diet, balanced but low in carbs (I have never done this before).. and be careful during the week and allow a few treats at the weekend.. but then make up for it by being good in the week. I dont have a problem being good, I have lost a lot of weight myself and maintained where I am.. my thyroid went wonky and I had a big gain hence why I am here... I dont wanna get down about it and start eating and end up where I was... so doing what iwas doing before should be ok if I limit choc to the weeknds based on my new slower metabolism due to LT...!! I have followed sw many times before and I will not hesitate joining a group if I see the need. I dont plan on being on a 'diet' forever more tho, more educating myself on food and eating normal bits and not just crap.. most people get away with being half sensible...

And lastly, I have spent my entire life since 12 being so fat.. being slim will give me such a buzz that it will keep me in check I am sure.. I am already SO much happier with only this bt off! With size 12s in my wardrobe I will be high as a kite every day! ;)


Slim for summer

On refeed I would have 2 LT shakes, and a light low carb meal in the eve, for a couple of weeks, then go onto Atkins, as I lost quite a bit on this 2 years ago, as I like this way of eating, I felt good staying off the carbs.

Eating fairly lowcarb permanently is good for me as I get quite bloated and don't feel good eating lots of bread, potatos, pasta, so have them occasionaly. For longterm maintnance just be very careful during the week, and relax/ have a treat at weekends. This is the ideal anyway....

In response to Squeeze- Can the average woman not maintain weight on approx 2000kc a day?
I managed to maintain on that for a couple of months last year, before I went off the rails...

Just wondered why you are saying 1200? as you would probably continue losing on this amount?
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Thanks for the advice ladies, i was planning on going to below my target weight just to allow a little to go on after refeeding. I was just at a loss of what diet to follow to maintain and it seems everyone has there own preference, i do believe carbs are my downfall and so i will be limiting them quite strickly, which is drastic for me as i live of pasta, and with the WW your allowed anything so im sure i would be regaining the pounds with the carbs there aswell.

So i guess i need to find a way of maintaining without putting it all back and finding the diet will prob be the hardest thing.

Its good to hear what your all planning on doing
apparently 1200 calories is the suggested amount on maintenance. I might be wrong!! But thats what people are going by on the maintenance forum so im guessing its correct??? x
So if i just stick to around1200 calories a day then theres no need for me to join a slimming club/follow another diet plan and should still maintain?
Just dont want to be forever on a diet plan and would rather master it by myself.
well presumably. BUT... for the first 6 month or so personally I think it would be advisable to stick to a definitive structure. I know that if i just go back to eating without a set plan ill probably get slack counting calories and justify going over a little etc. But as long as you keep limiting your carb intake then you should be ok. People always think fat is their enemy... but fats are essential to our diets. Its sugars and starches that your body instantly turns into fat tissue. So keeping them to absolute minimum is your key to successful maintenance :) x
If anyone needs I've typed up the Curves diet plan (slightly catered to my own likes). 1 week of 1200 calories a day, then 3 weeks and a bit of 1500 calories and day. Then it goes to 2-4 weeks of 2000 calories and if there is more weight to lose you go back to the first week of 1200. I've got the protein diet version of it (apparently there is a carbohydrate version).

I'm planning on giving this diet another go once I get onto the maintenance diet after this refeeding that I'm doing. (Brief history: tried the LT diet for about two and a half weeks, can't quite commit to it at this stage in my life, so I'm going to do the LT maintenance diet to lose weight, but I might consult the Curves diet for recipes).

PM me and I can e-mail it (excel sheet)

Cham Pers

size 8 by July
Glad ur so knowledgable squeeze it all helps me! Xx
Everyone's calorie needs for maintaining their weight is different as it depends on your sex, age, height and the weight at which you are maintaining. Firstly, you need to work out your own base metabolic rate (BMR); your BMR is the calories you need just to exist, without anything factored in for how active or inactive you are in your daily life.

Then you need to work out your daily calorie requirements based on the Harris Benedict equation. This looks at your daily activity levels and multiplies your BMR by an appropriate number so you can arrive at a definitive number.

Link below will take you to where you can work all this out.

BMR Calculator
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Sensibly losing :)
Excellent, just worked mine out and I need just under 2000 to maintain which is about right for wat I was doing before! X
Thanks for that thats brilliant, so when i finally reach my goal weight i will be using that to maintain instead of joining up at a slimming club. Thats helped me loads.


Never Ever Give Up!
You have to start refeeding when you reach the BMI 25 point. They are not allowed to sell the regular LT to you anymore so you will be starting to eat again when your BMI gets to 25.
You have to start refeeding when you reach the BMI 25 point. They are not allowed to sell the regular LT to you anymore so you will be starting to eat again when your BMI gets to 25.
How do you know all this useful stuff, Mirjam?! I feel like the poor kid who was "away from school" when all this info was given out! My pharmacy is lovely and encouraging but give me no information at all apart from lending me that DVD. Thank god for this forum is all I can say! :D
I know my chemist is the same, they know nothing at all, in fact i dont think they even know that i have to come off LT when my bmi gets to 25, because he asked me the weight i wanted to stop at ?????

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