Few questions...


Hi all

I have attempted CD on numerous occasions and once made it to day 10 before falling off the wagon. My first attempt was November last year and now I am four stone heavier and still haven't succeeded. :(
I am going to try ss one last time and have an appointment with a cdc for this week but I've just a few questions.
Firstly knowing I usually fail, is December a terrible time to try and get back on the diet? I know if I fall off this time I will never ever attempt it again, four stone later you think I would have learned by now!:p
Maybe I should try to stick to ww until January, but then I keep thinking I want to try it now so I should while I'm in the right frame of mind.
Secondly can you take extra vitamins etc on CD?
Thirdly, I am on anti-depressants, but I went to the doctor the other day and he has changed me onto reductil as it is an anti-depressant and appetite suppressant all in one. I had to swop straight over to it to avoid withdrawal from the other tablets. Can I continue taking this while on CD because it is essentially an appetite suppressant? If not I have to come off it over a period of a few weeks and can't just stop dead or I'll have side effects. Or maybe the doctor would put me back onto the anti-d's only.
Think thats all my questions for now. ;)
Hun, Im gonna shout a cdc to come along and help you as I dont want to give the wrong advice!!!

Hang on in there!
Hiya Cc

I'll give my shot at answering some of your questions!

If you're in the right frame of mind now, then go for it - If you were to start next week, you're add a meal week will be around christmas so you could add it then.....

With regards to the reductil, I think I am right in saying that these are 'contraindications sp? :) (where's karion when you need her!!) so you wouldn't be able to take them whilst on s.s. Once you are in ketosis you won't need them anyway as Ketosis is like a 'natural appetite suppressant.

Sorry don't know the answer to the anti depressant question- hopefuly someone will be along to advise you.. You could always ring cambridge head Office in the morning and talk it over with their medical peeps.

Best of luck to you whatever you decide to do. I know where your'e coming from tho - I'm in the same boat
Hi Celtic chick:) ,

I'll try and help a bit if I can as well as I'm not a CDC but am a Drug and Alcohol Worker.

I don't know the reason why your GP has changed your anti-D's or what you were on before? You are right though in that it's not advisable to just stop them without any kind of planned reduction.

My guess and advice would be to be certain of your situation with your medication first as you don't want to be dealing with any side-effects of withdrawal and trying to lose weight.

Hope this helps hun:)

hi CelticChick

just wanted to add that if youre in in the right frame of mind and youre able to do CD, then do it now.

i was thinking the same way before i decided to start CD, in my mind tho, i think they were really just excuses not to do anything about my weight for a while longer as changing youserlf is a pretty scary thing to do.

i say good luck to you, go for it, you can do it!
Hey Celtic....how you doing? sorry to hear of your woes!!!

As it's been said, you have to be in the right frame of mind and a right stubborn moo to get through the first while on this diet!!!

As for vits....there is no need to take them as you would get all your vits from the programme, apart from extra Iron (I seem to think..someone correct me if I'm wrong?:confused:)

Just looking up Reductil...it's contraindicated for any CD progs I'm afraid. I'm so sorry.:( If you were to change meds, you would need to check with your CDC to see if it's ok to use them with the programme.....sorry hun....

Check out the Anti-D's situation first CC, IMO.

. I would hate to think that your positivity and right frame of mind could be hampered by a chemical imbalance and not your determination...:D


Coley is absolutely correct about the use of Reductil and Cambridge. You will not be able to go on to any of the programmes.

The only suggestion I can give is that you visit your GP and discuss it with him, in case there are alternatives he can prescribe. However, you might find that the alternatives are also on that list hun. I sorry, because I know this is not want you want to hear.

Speak to your GP and see if there is anything he can do. If not, don't lose sight of the fact you are now in the correct frame of mind. In my opinion, the critical factor in any diet is frame of mind as that enables a resolute determination when your brain wants to play tricks with you and tell you to eat loads of rubbish.

Good luck with whatever you decide or are able to do. And remember, while Cambridge is fantastic, it isn't and can not be for everyone and there are alternatives out there WW o r SW which equally have their devotees and fans.
Thanks for all the replies. I was on lustral but he felt the appetite reducing benefits of reductil might suit me better as well as having the anti-depressant side too. I will go have a chat with him about it and see about maybe just going back on the lustral.
Thanks for all the replies. I was on lustral but he felt the appetite reducing benefits of reductil might suit me better as well as having the anti-depressant side too. I will go have a chat with him about it and see about maybe just going back on the lustral.

Hi again CC,

I was prescribed Lustral 7 years ago when I had Post Natal depression after having my daughter. Took it for 6 months and it did it's job, I have to say.

I would agree with you that it's worth a trip back to the doc's and if he feels you would still benefit from Anti-D's for the time being, then maybe he can suggest one that would allow you to do what you want diet wise?

Let us all know how you get on,


i am on citopram which i was put on about 7 months after my little boy was born, no probs with this and the cambridge diet ( as per my cdc)

am slowly trying to get off them now as i feel so much better.:)