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Fibre, advice please

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by lornameg, 19 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. lornameg

    lornameg Full Member

    i need some help please...I have taken on SW totally, but my gut is having a job keeping up!
    i had a rectal prolapse repaired, and the surgeon said I would be unable to tolerate too much fibre.....
    SO, I was wondering what other sources of fibre I could have, without the bulk of fruit and vegetables. Any advice gratefully recieved, as I am at the suppository stage at the moment.!!
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  3. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Oh bless you i had emergency abdominal surgery to small intestine 18mths ago so know your pain...i try to eat lots of fruit tbh prefer natural mathods. The following are good
    orange juice
    and always have your heb i use the bars as they are a nice sweet hit
    good luck
  4. nicolajr1986

    nicolajr1986 Full Member

    Think lentils, split peas etc are all good sources of fibre xx
  5. Jaffa Cake

    Jaffa Cake Gold Member

    Could you ask your surgeon or dr for a proper diet sheet or advice about what you should and shouldn't eat ?
  6. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Could you ask the surgery nurse for an appointment to go through a food plan with you..they tend to have more time amd listen more in my experience
  7. SlimmerGem

    SlimmerGem Member

    I've had to stop SW because I can't tolerate all the fibre. If you really want to stick to the plan, then I'd ask your surgeon/nurse or your GP for a referral to a dietician to help with what you can eat on the plan. I've had an awful time on it, 3wks off plan & 3 different laxatives and I'm still not back to normal! :( My consultant made comments about eating more superfree with each meals and seemed to forget every time I told her that I couldn't eat that much fibre :( Good luck. I hope you have a better experience than I did xx

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  8. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    sorry to hear you have had such a bad time hope the docs are sorting you out now
  9. janetelizabeth

    janetelizabeth Gold Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem lornameg....I have and always have had a 'sluggish' system, maybe thyroid related? Anyway I have to take a couple of pills to keep me 'going'....sigh.
  10. Elvisfan4life

    Elvisfan4life Silver Member

    Thats what i was told for 30 years i lived on laxatives and then had my emergency surgery and the surgeon to,d me it could all have been prevented with proper care over those years...too little too late

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