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fightin for the new ME !!

Here goes !!
first day today and i have gone 6 hrs without food !:eek::eek: i just have to keep ignorin all the smells and colours and keep callin my name i hope i can do !!
have to think positive i will do this,
been shoppin and that was harder than i thought it would, i never thought i had such a great frienship with food
(well obv i did as i wouldnt b here) but u know wot i mean just need to get thought the first wk and i know ill b set then might just have to stay in bed all wk hehe x
wishin everyone luck we can do this !!! xx
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nutty me

onwards and downwards
Good luck angel with your journey, look forward to sharing your journey.

nutty x
thanks nutty me !!

well its only day one and im starvin !! i really wanna eat but no i cnt or i will just eat tomorrow and it will all b over b4 its even started !! might just go to bed so i dnt have to think of anything night all x


Ready for the new me!
Hi Angel and welcome ;). Wishing you the best of luck for this week and it does get easier i promise. Food shopping is hard for me but i can easily cook something for the OH!? Early nights are a saviour on this so take em and run to bed hehe!

Its really mind over matter with the craving, i just kept saying to myself "its food, only food and you dont need it!!". You also need to keep your brain busy i find because on some nights i wasnt really hungry i was just bored and missed the routeen of me eating, a distraction is good so reading and painting has been mine. Good luck hun! x
thanks river !!

its day 2 and managed a whole day without food yesterday whoo !! so im up this mornin done the pack lunches for school and now home just had my banana shake unsure of it but will keep tryin i might like it in the end, i know its early but im not feelin hungry which is a massive bonus so off to plan my day now !!
gd luck all xx
Angel, sounds like you're doing really well. These first few days really are the hardest. If you've lost your appetite already you'll do fine! Once ketosis kicks in it really does get much easier x
Hi there just wanted to know how long it takes for ketosis to kick in,on my second day but felt great this morn but light headed this evening , and abut sick is this normal any advice please need to do this!
I found the third day the worst and then it all got much easier. Hang in there! It will be worth it!!

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