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Hey! I've started using minimins last year and fell off the band wagon! But I'm back and I'm doing slimming world, although to be honest I can't afford to pay the classes every week.. So I'm using my books from last tome and weighing myself every thursday morning as if I were going to the classes :) so here it is... I've been writing a real diary carrying it with me everywhere... So here goes :)

Starting weight: 15 stone
Goal weight: 11 stone. (To start with) :)

Good day today diet has officially begun! I'm feeling very motivated and energetic! Today I've had:
Breakfast: special k - splash of semi-skimmed milk
Grapes and satsuma's and a muller light yog
Lunch: pitta breads with tuna mayo and small amount of.
mayo, yog and an apple
Tea: spagetti bolognase and miller light yogurt
No snacks today which is good. Feeling positive about the diet this time round! Hopefully want to get down to about 11 stone and see how I feel! I'm really struggling with not snacking but so far I've succeded!


Today has been good! :) I'm trying very hard to be good!
Breakfast: 50g porridge and skimmed milk with splenda.
Satsuma's and grapes
Lunch: Scrambled eggs with bagel (bagel not so good)
Tea: Weight watchers lasagne salad and jacket potatoe
Millerlight yog
Supper: Apple
Good day today, not weighed myself since 31st and I'm trying hard not too. Although I'm going too tomorrow... Would be weigh in day tomorrow at slimming world. So big day tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

Not finished todays... So I'll update later :D xxx
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