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Fighting the Food Demons Friday ***Hour by Hour***



Not wanting to start the day on a downer so just going to, not exactly lie by omission, but concentrate on the positives instead.

Think tomorrow I will need to move up to 810/ss+. I'm just not coping well with SS atm, which is a shame. Also have a huge bulging lower belly atm too. Sigh.

Positives though:

Still on a plan
not putting weight on
Still losing albeit slowly.

Out to watch Derren Brown in concert tonight and then out clubbing where I shall stick to water.

Will try and get some going out pics up later too.

Have a good one people!
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We cross posted Lexie!!! thats ok!

I think you are right to go up to 810 for a week. You may find it will help you stick to ss later(if you know what i mean), anyway have a great eve out. look forward to some pics. Keep strong and your not alone. Im not having a great week either. Stress can cause a plateau or weight retention so take it BREZZY.....(must listen to my own advice sometime) have a great day.....and to anyone who follows


Ugh - note to self when making a "Mocka Mocha" do not add 2 teaspoons of coffee to your choc shake. One is sufficient. Its is not your normal vanilla shake.

You fool!
Morning everyone,
Up again early today so thought I might start this off. hope thats ok.

Good luck to anyone having Wi today.
sun may be gone but we can keep shining!

Im off to work this morning but only half day (whoo hoo). scales are showing 1 lb down and I expect they will tay that way for tomorrow WI. Oh well, its down! Have a doctors appointment later. Cant wait for him to see how much weight Ive lost(3st since I last saw him)He has been very supportive with me on CD so Im lucky.

For anyone not feeling so well, chin up and remember it is only temporary whether it be personal or diet related.

Have a fab day, remember your weekend goals everyone. weeks are flying by and we are getting through it.

Be back to chat later.:)


Silver Member
I'll say good morning on both threads!
Think i might go off and buy the sports active for the wii today if i check the bank balance and funds allow. OH is fishing for most of the weekend so its only fair that i get something too!!!


Loving losing
Morning Losing people...

Brilliant title for the thread Lexie...

I think EVERYONE has had a bust up with those b. demons at some stage.

I had a veritable 3 rounds with Muhammed Ali last week and put on 5 lbs but the scales this morning are lovely and altho my normal weigh day is Sat, today I have lost that 5 and a another one on top so am well chuffed. So Demons can get lost for the moment!!

Have a good day Welland and keep your demons at bay too!

Busy day at work today as every day, last half term of the academic year is manic in a school office as anyone who works in one will know!! But then every term is in ours... Love my job tho and my food police colleagues are brilliant at keeping me on track.

Should be a straight forward weekend for me this weekend as no social events planned - would love to see Derren Brown tho!

Hope everyone has a great day wherever you are and whatever plan you are following.



Stubborn tortoise
Just checking in to say hi, trying to stay on track. Got a trying day ahead, taking mum for hospital appointment and then shopping... need to work, but not happening today. I vow to be good, no matter what. I hope!



is gonna do it!!

I also vow to be good today!!
Haven't got much on today, just gong round to a friends new pad, then home again. But at least im not working tonight!!
Stay strong today!!


Crawling to the finish!
Morning everybody x Heres to a better day! I had a crummy day yesterday, just felt really low all day but hoping today will be more positive for me :) Im off to the chemist for my 1st week restart weigh in but I only started 3 days ago so not hoping for a miracle :) any loss is a good loss tho xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Morning all..
Will be around today as at work.. so on my computer all day......

Lexie just wanted to send you big hugs sweetie as I know your struggling a little at the moment, you have done so well hon, dont let this beat you just move to 810 and you will probably find it much better for now..

Have a good day everyone xx


can see the end in sight!
morning everyone. Not at work today, at home hearing up for my driving test! Trying to stay chilled as nerves are apparently a killer. Not going to beat myself up if I fail, but trying to stay positive too. This time tomorrow I could be a licensed driver which is exciting.

Finding it hard to resist weighing myself, but I must as I want to see a big number when I next get weighed. Feeling good at the moment about ss but that could change in a few hours!

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend and enjoying the sunshine! X


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon
Just wanted to wish you all the best for your driving test... I really hope you pass...... and enjoy your sunshine...... as we dont have any here in London .. boo hoo..
Good luck chic let us know how you get on xxxx


Skinny girl in a fat body
What sunshine???? Pouring down with rain here. Anyway, good luck with the driving test. I've still got my 100% head on at the minute, actually looking forward to doing my diary on a night time with a little tick against the word 'done' :). (God, I'm said if that's all I've got to look forward to on a friday night)!!

Good luck with today everyone
Hey everyone!!

Well Im still sat here in my PJs. Mum and her bf are nagging me so ive decided to hide out in my room for rest of the day and sit on minis in the hope their whining doesnt trigger any emotional eating!!

Good luck everyone xxx
Hopefully this will make you all laugh and realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! I went to a friends wedding in Ireland last weekend and since I started the diet in March have been really looking forward to this and knew that if I wanted to drink I would have to eat - which I did and in 3 days put on 10lbs eeeeek!! (I am coming to the good bit now honest) Came back on Sunday and re started ss on Monday and on the scales this morning after 4 days of ss have lost 10.5lbs yipppppeee!!!!!!! Just hoping this will show that we are all human and this is the hardest journey we will ever take but when we look in the mirror and like what we see it makes all the hard work worth it xxxxx


can see the end in sight!
failed my test rather spectacuarly! But I'm more determined now, have more lessons booked in and do another one in a month or so. My boyfriend said why don't I have some oven chips to cheer up, thinking it would make me feel better but I laughed and said I have failed the test but I would feel worse if I blipped and it would send me into a spiral. The diet is the one thing I feel in control of and like I am moderately successful at!

Sorry for the rant.. Learning to drive sucks!!
Sorry to hear that but your right about the diet and there is always next time!! I passed third time and think its made me a better driver xxxx


can see the end in sight!
thank you! I know it's a lot to ask to pass first time but it didnt stop me hoping!!

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