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filled jacket potatoes


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q1hi all..

really fancy making the stuffed jacket potatoes you know were you take out the potato, mash it up and then put it back in!!...

but i cant remember what im suppose to do with the mash.. what do i add to it to get it all creamy and fluffy??..

anyone got a recipe that i could copy .. or just simply tell me how to do it !!:rolleyes:
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Try some quark in the mash, and maybe some chives too. I made mash with a little quark the other day and it was creamy and tasty.


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Quark, philly, mayo, butter depends on if you want to use syns or not


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Hex A of strong grated cheese and some frylighted chopped onions and then pop the skins under the grill to crisp up a little. Nom!!!
Also, I know Asda do some baking potatoes that have a really lovely fluffy buttery taste to the potato so you don't actually need butter, and they are lovely!!!


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I'd definitely add some fried lean bacon, fried onion, some HeX A cheese, and maybe syn a little bit of philly (or Quark, if I want my syns for something else). NOM!


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hi all

well i made my jackets tonight.. couldnt get back to the computer to see any ideas so had to make it up !!
i mashed up the potato flesh with low fat cottage cheese for a cheesy mash taste.. used a hxb of bacon cut into chunks and mixed these in with spring onions.. and then put a hxa of cheese over the top.. gorgeous they were ..defo going to make them again!!


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Really miss my cheese n butter in the my baked potoates. Unfortunately bake beans don't float my boat lol I'll try the quark though x


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Really miss my cheese n butter in the my baked potoates. Unfortunately bake beans don't float my boat lol I'll try the quark though x

Why miss them? Do a green day and use the nice baked potatoes that dont need butter (I think the Asda ones are called Mirabelle?)

You can have 2 hex A of strong cheese on a green day, should you wish to, or get the low low cheese if you want more cheese than the usual Hex amount!!!

Dont deprive, thrive!! :D (I just made that up, I think its suitably cheese-y!)


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or look at Ermitrude's low syn free soft cheese, which if you read all the posts can be made syn free..


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Here are mine!

Pete’s Potato Skins

Serves 4

4 Baking Potatoes
112g Low Fat Cheddar Cheese (from your daily allowance) = 28g per person
Cajun mix
Philadelphia Low Fat chives & herb Cheese Spread
Toppings of your choice


Wash potatoes and dry, with a fork scrap the sides and prick them.
In (600w) Microwave cook for 10-15 mins, until soft, remove, Put on a baking tray. Bake for 20 minutes at 180c, remove and remove and cut into half. Allow to cool slightly, scoop out most of the cooked potato, leaving a shell of potato and skin about 6-8 mm thick, place the removed potato into a bowl, mix with the cheddar cheese.
Season with salt & pepper. Add any other toppings that you like.
And return for a further 10 mins until crisp and golden.

For a dip, try, Philadelphia chives & herb cheese spread.


Phily black pepper and spring onion light soft cheese. With bacon and grated cheese over the top. Its filling and a healthly way to use syns etc.