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Filling Out..?


Do a little dance!


nearly there!! :)
its just where in abstaince ya kinda delflate and some people start looking gaunt near the end.

then when u go back eating u get ur "roundness" and start looking less gaunt, but its just cause ur glycogen is back, not that ur actually getting bigger or heavier!!

hope this makes sense....i know what i mean lol!! xxx


nearly there!! :)
jazzy i have to say im now 9st 7lbs from 14st 1 and i didnt get the gaunt look....boo!! lol!!

hip bones are now bugging me there in my way, but i love my collarbones and back bones!!
i dont like the pulse can now feel in my stomach though lol!!
but there fab just finding them!! xxx
Oh how lovely Catz, I did an itec diploma in holistic massage and then went onto do sports therapy which i passed a couple of years ago - I wish I had lost weight b4 that as everyone there was glamorous and had hip bones and back bones etc - except me! :(:cry:
Mind you, I must say its easier to massage someone with a few extra pounds, but I had a few too many and was so self-concious!:eek:
i don't think 'gaunt' will ever be a word used to describe me!
daisy x


Do a little dance!
I don't think I would personally ever want to be described as gaunt... I want to find certain bits of my body I've never known were there!
I think it's what I need

I can relate to that gaunt thing.
Starting RTM tomorrow. i'll let you know how it goes.


LOL my journey to gaunt starts here!:8855:


Guess who's back...?
SB - I don't think you look gaunt... you look very 'little', your features and everything are so delicate, but it may just be a case of your head not catching up yet... either way, I'm sure a bit of food on RTM will help things a bit - with your confidence at least... you look FAB and are a great role model for people on LL. :)
A xx

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