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Finally...I'm on the way!!!

Started the CD yesterday. I have to say that I do not feel hungry and have realised just how much eating was a 'habit'. Found myself opening the fridge to raid the fruit drawer and a number of occasions when I was bored - but didn't succumb. The choc chake is absolutely disgusting. Also not overly keep on the fruits of the forest - but it is marginally more drinkable than the choc. I think the problem is that it tastes totally unnatural. I have never eaten what I would term 'fake' drinks. They have an odd undertaste - but still, I am going to give this a damn good try.
I have a banging headache today and am already sick of going to the loo. :)
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Im on day 9 and can only have the choc ones hot, the tetra pack of choc isnt too bad but would be much better hot!! I just close my eyes and think Im drinking a starbucks hotchoc!!

Good Luck
Thanks buncey and good luck to you too. Hope you dont mind me asking, but how come you can only have the choc ones?
Have just made up a strawberry one for lunch - they're not bad at all. I think it must be the sweeteners that give them the aftertaste.
S: 13st4.0lb C: 11st0lb G: 8st9.3lb BMI: 30.1 Loss: 2st4lb(17.2%)
I do have other flavours, just have to have anything chocolate hot as it tastes funny cold!!!
i like the mint choc one lol

how do you get the ticker to show up i cant work it out??

p.s the oriental chilli soup ... not the best lol

The tomato soup's an acquired taste, too! Some hate it, some love it, others get used to it.

Good luck!


somebody shrink me
Hi Jamast,

I find that the shakes taste a lot nicer once you are in ketosis. I don't know whether it's just because it's all your having or if there is a reason for it:confused:

I really look forward to my shakes- banana is soooo yummy!!:D :D

In week 3 you'll be allowed to have bars too- they have real chocolate on and are gorgeous!!!

Stick with it, the results are worth it!!

Good luck with your first week!!


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I only liked the sweet flavors to start with, found the soups hard to take, but love them now, well except spicy tomato.

If you drink a half a glass of water before you take your shake this does help to dilute the taste.

The taste is the vitamins and minerals in the shakes and when your lacking in them you seem to be able to taste them very strongly.

I gagged on for the first few days and had to avoid soup for two months, just would not go down:( ...as time goes on this taste is not noticeable.

The tomato soup is the only one now I have difficulty with, yet it was a favourite for a short time.

Love Mini xxx


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Give yourself a couple of weeks and you will be loving the taste, I loathed mine (lipotrim)at first but now I love them :eek: !!!!!!
The taste is so worth it though when you see the results of your first weigh in. Keep drinking the water too.


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Hey Jamast where abouts in Cornwall are you, have you seen the thread about a meet up for minimin members in the south west. its in bath on 14th april.
Yes, the shakes and soups do start to taste better once you get into it. We are used to high carb, high sugar stuff so we need time to adjust.

You'll soon be smacking your lips, esp at the bars and Tetras!
OMIGOD - weighed myself this morning. Gone from 364 to 355.2 in two days!!!!!! :eek:
That means I could easily lose a stone in the first week. I know that the weight loss slows down, but I set myself a mini target of losing two stones by the end of May and I should easily be able to acheive it at this rate.
Just altered my target on my 'ticker' thing. Thought I'd show it in smaller increments because otherwise it wouldn't be moving much so my first target is to lose 64lbs.


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See, believe me it's worth it you'll get used to the taste soon, try the recipes too, such as crisps, truffles etc. I like the choc tetra hot too. I make a black coffee then add the choc tetra to it ,it's absolutely lovely sometimes I add a couple tablet sweetners to it too. Have a nice day and keep it up :)
Hi Sonkie - yes I did see the 'meet-up' thread - but unfortunately I can't make it. No childcare because DH works on a holiday park and literally works his butt off over easter as it's one of the busiest times. Also have my daughter as well as my neice, a friend and her son for the easter hols - house full for two weeks. :eek:

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