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Finally Stared - just finished day one!!

Well i went to the pharmacy this morning and got my packs. It has been tough i have to say. i am HUNGRY. and my sister is staying with me for a few days so she is eating. it would be ok if there wasnt someone else here eating. Today was also my first day back at work from maternity leave so i was working this afternoon and that kept me busy and kept my mind off food. I am really tired though as i was up early with the baby this morning. so i am going to go to bed early anyway so i can avoid being around food!!!!

Heres to the start of losing 5.5 stone or thereabouts!!!!

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Well done on getting through day 1. Water is your best friend sweetie. It really helps with the hunger.

Looking forward to reading about your fantastic losses to come.

Niamh xxx
i have drank about 4.5 litres of water!!!! i do feel ok actually just a bit hungry. i was having thoughts earlier, "i dont know if i can do this, i need to eat" etc but then i went to change into my pyjamas and caught sight of myself in the mirror and it spurred me to keep going. i cant give up!!! i HAVE to do this!!! xx
The first week is hard hun but once you get through it it gets so much easier. Your first weigh in is also a great motivator to keep going. Just be careful about drinking too much water. LT recommend no more than 4lts. Something to do with flushing all the nutrients from the shakes out of your system.

You CAN do this hun. Really good idea to keep remembering why you started this in the first place.

Niamh xxx
wow just looking at your signature Niamh and you lost 5 stone in 12 weeks??? thats crazy!! i would love to have 5 stone off by Christmas but i was wondering how realistic it was within that time frame. it would be amazing if i could. xx
Honestly hun (please dont think I am boasting) it just fell off me. I did very little in the way of exercise. I just had more energy and moved about a bit more. I didnt cheat once in those 3 months. I stayed 100%. Nothing passed my lips that shouldn't.

Its a fantastic diet in you are in the right mind frame. I am so determined this time I will lose the weight and keep it off.

Niamh xxx


Fighting for My Health
Day 1 here too. Very hungry! How are you doing now a couple of days on?

Niamh - Amazing weight loss you've had. Well done! You must be over the moon :) We have similar start weights and heights and I'm very daunted about how long I will have to do this diet for, but am highly encouraged after seeing your signature. Hopefully I can drop it as quickly and be done in a much shorter time than expected!

Hiya Jayne and welcome. I am on day 3 now and surprised at how ok I feel. Yes im a bit hungry but apart from that I feel ok. It's a mental thing too and it's weird getting my head round not just going automatically to the fridge out of habit Or boredom. I was on A training course yesterday and lunch was provided and while everyone was tucking into yummy food I was enjoying my shake and I resisted when offered a chip!! I can feel my tightest jeans a bit looser already altho it may be my imagination.
The pharmacist said day 3/4 is the hardest Although I feel ok so far...is it yet to hit me?


Fighting for My Health
Glad to hear you're doing well Megan, and fab about the jeans :) Day 2 here, and I think you're right, it is a mental thing. I'm sooo hungry, but am feeling strong about sticking to it as well. I'm not working this week, and part of me thinks that's a bad thing as the distraction would most likely help, and part of me is glad to not have to concentrate on anything as I'm feeling a bit irritable and lethargic. When I am distracted though throughout the day (today and yesterday), I've caught myself noticing I was hungry and thinking about going to get something to eat and then remembering I can't. Those moments feel the hardest to me as I feel deprived with my glass of water lol.

Hope days 3 and 4 go easily for you. You may well be in ketosis now. Have you tested? xx
No i havent tested as i havent bought the Kesosticks!!! But i will get some of those and some of the breath strips asap! I know what you mean about work, i have been off on maternity leave for 9 months and that, among other things is why i have been struggling with my weight. all i have been doing on maternity leave is lunching and coffeeing with people and if im not out and about im in the house bored and eating!!! But i started back to work this week, the same week i started lipotrim and i think the distraction of that has def helped me!

I have been drinking the same amount of water today but i do feel a slight headache coming on for the first time. I am off this afternoon and my baby has just went down for a sleep so i might have a snooze myself!
welcome and good luck with ur first week hope it flies by for u both x


Fighting for My Health
Aww, have you been ok going back after having your little one? My boys are quite a bit older now at 9 and 6, but I do recall the thought of going back much worse than the actual event. First few weeks were a bit odd mind, and it all takes a bit of adjusting to and getting used to.

What are the breath strips? Are they just those very strong tasting, disolving paper things? or is there a specific type? I think I will get something like that, and a mouth spray, not only for the possible ketosis breath, but also just because my mouth generally (even after 2 days) is tasting yuk, and it would be nice to just have a quick hit of a strong flavour. I can only brush my teeth so much! lol.

Hope your headache didn't come to much and you managed a bit of a nap :)

Jayne be careful because my pharmacist told me you are not allowed to use throat spray only Listerine Strips or Listerine ORIGINAL mouthwash (which tastes rank!!)
Yeah i am glad to be going back to work to be honest i love my little one but he is a handful and i couldnt handle being a full time mum!!!

Yeah my headache wasnt too bad in the end and i have been feeling ok today. just gotta keep drinking the water!!!
Jayne be careful because my pharmacist told me you are not allowed to use throat spray only Listerine Strips or Listerine ORIGINAL mouthwash (which tastes rank!!)
Yeah i am glad to be going back to work to be honest i love my little one but he is a handful and i couldnt handle being a full time mum!!!

Yeah my headache wasnt too bad in the end and i have been feeling ok today. just gotta keep drinking the water!!!
Can anyone explain why you aren't supposed to use any other mouthwash? It's not as if you swallow it! I've also realised that the mouthwash that I use isn't Listerine and I've been using it several times a day this past week as my mouth tastes foul.....my weight loss has been pretty good and I'm in ketosis since day 5!
i have no idea just what the pharmacist told me. i guess because maybe there is sugar in other ones?? but true its not as if you swallow it!! i dont know really. but i wouldnt worry about it then if you are in ketosis and losing weight!!


Fighting for My Health
Yeah, I was the same re work lol. Staying at home full time would drive me potty! That said, I only work a 22 hours a week, but find that gives me a nice work/life balance :)

Hmmm, I only thought about the breath freshener sprays as when I did Lighter Life they were allowed, but the strips weren't! lol. To be honest, I'm not much of a 'mint' person, and so I will probably only use the strips or the spray sparingly anyhow. I will look out for the Listerine strips though :)

Glad your headache was okay.

Water, water everywhere. I think I'm drowning! lol. Least I'm getting extra exercise by having to be up and down to the loo every 15 mins! lol :p

I think i am in Ketosis now as i woke up this morning with a rank taste in my mouth and i dont feel hungry!! had my shake so far and a pint of water but feeling ok. I have a personal training session tonight so i hope i can handle it! but my PT knows that im on this diet so he said he'd go easy on me!!!

Im excited for my weigh in on monday. i was tempted to weigh myself at home this morning but i resisted!! xx


Fighting for My Health
Yay to ketosis :) Me too! Although I still have hunger it is very much reduced from yesterday. Hopefully in the next few days it will get less and less :)

Hope your PT session goes well this evening :)

My PT session went good, it was hard work, but mainly because i have not done any proper training since before i got pregnant, which is almost 18 months ago, so it was hard from that aspect rather than from feeling like i didnt have the energy. i actually feel great now!!! yes i was still hungry today but def less than the first 2-3 days. im loving this diet!!! xx

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