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Size 14 Here I Come!
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I was doing my usual 'work avoidance' technique of checking out all the newspapers online :rolleyes: when I came across this article in the News of the World (I know but it is worth a giggle!)

It starts off as they all do...but wait for it......there is a punch line!


The new year means it's diet time again – and, as always, there are loads of quick-fix plans promising amazing weight loss. Most are very low-calorie diets, or VLCDs, which provide less than 800 calories a day. They work because the average adult woman needs at least 1,500 daily just to live and breathe, and so these diets force the body to eat into its energy reserves and lose weight.
They can come in powder, meal replacement, energy bar or liquid form, but many of them can cause fatigue, hair loss, memory lapses, dental problems, nausea, constipation or diarrhoea. Other common side effects include low blood pressure, anaemia, irregular periods and sleepiness.
In obese people who risk diabetes, heart disease and strokes, VLCDs can promote weight loss of 3-5lb per week. Here the benefits outweigh the risks. But in anyone else there can be a serious downside because along with fatty tissue, muscle tissue is also lost – including the heart muscle – which can lead to heart rhythm problems and even death.

Loss of muscle tissue also means that if you put weight back on again, the muscle is replaced by fat so you end up fatter than you were before starting the diet. To prevent these long-term problems, experts recommend you follow a VLCD for no longer than 12 weeks. It's much better to lose weight sensibly, so follow these five steps:
  • Aim to shed no more than 2lb per week. l Plan a high-fibre, low-carbohydrate healthy-eating lifestyle.
  • Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at least four times a week, and do something physically active every day.
  • Cut out all alcohol and avoid snacking.
  • Tackle any psychological problems that will help you to stop comfort eating. "
It would be great if more articles condemning VLCD did mention the fact that for obese people the potential side effects of a VCLD are minor in comparison with the real effects of being Obese!

Removes herself from soap box.....:D
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Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
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You're right!! I saw no 'side effects' of VLCD's which I would not suffer from if I kept putting on weight the way I have been or they will develop as I get older - as I am obese.

Wat bugs me is that 'they' are advising people not to use VCLD and instead eat healthy and excercise. I find it patronising. As most people on VCLD's are here as a last resort.

sorry, think I get quite defensive of VCLD's as a lot of people can be quick to attack.


I know I can do it..
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Well, I'd opt for hair loss, constipation, diarrhoea, sleepiness, anaemia and irregular periods any day rather than ...

diabetes, heart disease and strokes etc to which i'm leaning towards right now if I didn't lose the weight.

lol - jobsworth eh? Some have nothing better to right about xxx