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Find Your Twin

I saw this on another site and didnt know if it had been done on this site.
Would you like to find your twin ?
Same weight , height and age as you ? Someone to chat to and support each other. Add your info here or look on here to find someone who is your Twin.

I would love to find my Twin

I am 55
5ft 8in

Hope to hear from my twin ! Are you out there ?
Val x
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Lol I thought this was funny because I actually do have a real life twin. :p She doesn't look anything like me as we're fraternal, but we both have weight loss issues. Good luck finding your other "half" :)


..crawling after ze wagon
Oooh, this is cool.. :D

even though I highly doubt that I will find my twin:

I am 30, 6'' and 246lb!

Come on twin!!

M xx
I'm 47, 5ft 7in and 192lbs.

Ali :)
Im 25, 226lbs and 5ft 8

Twin me

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
I'm 21, 5'6 and 214lbs.

That's close to Vicki pretty much isn't it?


Green tea advocate!!
Haha, i like this idea :)

24, 5'6" and 231lbs

Just Peachy

Slowly But Surely
Also close to Becky. We could be triplets instead of twins? :D

Vicki-I'm on my own sort of diet. I read the labels off everything before buying them and make sensible choices (low fat, low sugar) and make sure I eat lots of protein, and a small amount of good carbs. I also jog every two days. I'm vaguely familiar with Weight Watchers, is it similar at all?


Green tea advocate!!
Hehe that is quite close isn't it? :)

WW is primarily about counting Calories and Saturated Fat content in everything, all foods have a point and depending on your height, weight, activity level ect - you have a daily points allowance, for example i get 25 points a day. It's a brill diet to follow and means you don't have to deny yourself of anything, Chocolate and alcohol is not off limits :) (so long as you stick within your points! :D)


running strictly on fat!
I like the idea:

I'm 5'4 - 172 - 30 y.o.

Where is my twin then?

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