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Extra Easy Finding it hard and its only week 1 !


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How about writing a list of why you want to loose weight and popping it somewhere u will see regularly to remind yourself of the reasons behind it?
The sw online site has a good feature of a pro and con list to losing weight. I find it really good when I am struggling to get in the mindset.

The pro list is so long, more energy, nice clothes, better health. And the cons. I cant eat as much chocolate as I like... thats about it!
Try it, I find it really helpful!


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Hi everyone,
So this is my first week back on slimming world diet but this time im doing it from home and im finding it so hard :( i want to loose weight NEED TO loose weight. just cant finding the motivation i have had every other time.
Has anybody got any tips or advice ?
Much appreciated x

First of all, big hugs x
Have you got a special occasion coming up? going somewhere nice? holiday? birthday? christmas? set little goals for yourself for each of these, i find having little goals doesn't make target weight seem so long away. Treat yourself to something every time you hit each goal. New nail polish, new top, pamper night...
You can do it, good luck :)


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Listen up! Don't even THINK about giving up just yet! Your journey is just about to begin!! I didn't think SW was going to work for me at all.. I thought it was another fad thing etc etc, you get the point. I'm 5'7 & was 12st 13lbs. I have been stuck at that weight for way, too, long! I decided something had to be done! I am a month into it & have lost roughly 10lbs and it has made SUCH a difference, my partner also joined with me & he has lost over 2st in the same time! You might think oh, only 10lbs, but that is a lot, it means fitting back into those clothes in the back of my wardrobe which wouldn't even get past my thighs, arms etc! Here are some things for you to think about..

1 - Don't think of SW as a 'DIET' because in a way, it isn't, at all. You can still eat almost everrrrything. Potatoes, rice, pasta, meat (as long as it is lean), fruit, veggies. It isn't a fad diet where you are eating some mushy green soup every day or only consuming 200 calories a day! You can go shopping & FILL your trolley right up but only with the healthy stuff!
2 - Because of all the things you can eat it means you can still enjoy meals like beans on (wholemeal) toast! Spaghetti on toast, homemade chips, eggs and beans, spaghetti bolognese (made with extra lean beef mince or quorn mince & tinned chopped tomatoes) - easy peasy! A lot of tinned stuff is free (Spaghetti, beans, mushy peas etc).
3 - There is ALWAYS something you can eat!! Whether it's a banana from the fruit bowl (advice - fill your fruit bowl - I recommend Aldi/Lidl for fresh fruit!). Fat free yoghurts. Mugshots (which are yummy, like pot noodles!) If you want to feel like you are having a treat, buy some alpen light bars like I do & keep them in a biscuit tin and have one a day.
4 - If you really want that chocolate, grab a Freddo bar or something - remember you are allowed between 5 & 15 syns a day!! Download the Slimming world app if you can to check how many syns are in things etc :)

Don't give up though.. when you first start, it does seem like a long way away to reach your goal. When I lost just half a pound in the class one week, I was gutted.. but I lost 2 the next etc. It's coming off slowly.. but TRUST ME I have one 'FAD' diets in the past, lost 2st QUICK but it all came back on in no time. This time I would much rather it come off slowly and it is definitely more of a lifestyle change than just a 'diet' if you get me? Once you start losing and people start commenting, you will feel great, I bet you! Keep going, don't give up!

I'm Anella by the way, 26yrs old & I have another 2st to go.. so yeah still a long way! If you need to talk to someone, I'm here :) :)
Hi there (waving). Can only agree with the above post. I started at 12st 10lb and got to target of 10st 8lb in 10 months. I feel like a different person now, it has been so worth it and I am still at target 19 months down the line. As has been said before, its not a diet but a complete way of life. I dont have to think about it now, the shopping is automatically s w friendly. You will do well if you stick to plan, the weight will fall off. :)
wow, thankyou so much :) Anella your a little fighter, you have actually put it in perspective for me, thankyou, you all have actually. I know i can do it i have done it so many times before but listening to you guys gives you the motivation.
Im going on holiday in november with my boyfriend, its our first holiday away together and i would like for once to be that little bit more confident and to be able to just show my arms and legs without covering!
And i think a pros and cons list would do me good, also ive put a picture of being at my biggest on the fridge haha awful to look at butgood motivation :)
done quite bad today nibble on a few biscuits and had a yorkshire pudding with tea, but new day tomorrow, already got a stew prepared for my dinner :)
thankyou, much love to everyone ! x
Lauren, dont think about today, its gone now (well almost) its your next step which counts. Onwards and very much downwards from now on! And remember we are all here to help and support. :)

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