Finding it hard to go back on 100%


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Had a mini break for about a week and a half from SW during the Xmas/New Year's holidays and put on 2 pounds (luckily not more). Also had a break-in 2 days ago, so with all the stress finding it harder to keep up with everything 100%. Any tips on keeping the motivation going???
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Don't focus on being on plan for a week, or even a day. Just be on plan for your next meal.

Congratulate yourself on what you have achieved so far.

Personally I never start getting back on plan in the morning. If I try, the whole day just looms in front of me - and all I want is chocolate!! I find that if I start with an evening meal it's easier. I've had the whole day to plan, so that I've everything in for it and when I wake up the next day, I'm not 'starting', I've already started.

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I find that if I plan my meals, do the shopping and keep my diary up to date then I feel the motivation to get back on track. I had a 6 week break after my birthday and then through to Christmas and the New Year, but put my foot down and started again on Monday. Due to not actually eating any fruit and veg in those 6 weeks (hangs head in shame) I was keen to get back to plan.
It will click for you hun.


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I have no motivation for you but can relate. I am struggling to get back on plan too, this week has been hard. Soldiering on though to lose the weight I lost :)

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All great advice, one meal at a time xxx


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Thanks for all the good advice and you are right one meal at a time :)


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What I do in situations like this is ask myself what I want more - to lose weight or eat bad food. Usually my head wins (the lose weight bit!) but occassionally I will give into the bad food.

Just remember one bad meal doesn't make a bad day, and one bad day does not make a bad week.

Plan your meals, make them different, look through cook books or the new mag, there are some fab recipes this month and vary your foods.

Good luck!