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Finding it hard!

hi hun ive just done my first week and yes it does get easier i found the first 3 days to be the hardest but just keep drinking lots of water and hopefully in a day or 2 you will be feeling fine, it does take abit of getting used to but im only on day 8 and feel great and am 8 1/2 ibs lighter, try and stay positive and think about your first weigh in and how great you will feel when you have a loss xx p.s how did you put your ticker on your profile, i cant seem to do it? thank u :)
Im on day 5 restart and im with you, it never got easier for me, but as long as we stay strong we can do it.

When I think of food, I think of how the damn stuff has got me in this state in the first place and drink some water, when the cravings get back i just look at slim stuff and things that I want to do when im slim.

Good luck on your journey though I hope you succeed
Hello music

I have found that it does get easier, the first week was difficult for me.
Get this bit out of the way and you will find that the first week weigh-in will so boost your morale, and the ketosis really kicks in.
Best of luck, it will be alright x
Thanks everyone for the support. hayleya to get a ticker click on mine and a new window will open and create a new ticker copy the bbcode and paste this in your signature. Hope that helps. I'm just trying to drink water and think of my wi. :)

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