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Finding it really really hard!Need some help!


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Hey everyone,

i am on TFR since April and so far i have lost over 5 stone, for the past month i am finding it really really hard. I constantly want to eat. I want to lose another 3 stone so considering that i have lost 5 stone already, 3 stone is not much to go.

I constantly think of giving up and doing something similar and replacing one shake with a meal, but then i am thinking what is the point.ah i am just really confused and don't know what to do.

Anyone here that is doing for such a long period and had similar thoughts?Will they go?

I just need some advice
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I`m afraid I`m new to LT (on day 4) so I don`t have any advice but didn`t want to read & run x

I think you`ve done brilliantly to lose over 5 stone!!!

LiSe Xx


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You've done fab so far, right? You can continue doing that til you get to goal... You really can!

I had a right moody weekend recently when I really wanted to eat cos everyone around me was eating, everything smelt so good etc etc

But why sabotage what has been amazing work, self control and dedication?! It seems mad!

So, yes, these feelings can pass (i ended up having a great weekend and no cheating) and you can continue on to goal.

Are you giving yourself regular treats for passing milestones and goals? Do you have an idea of your end date? I worked mine out after a week or 2, on the average of 3lb loss a week, so it's not all that accurate but gives me an idea when it could all be over!


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I feel exactly the same, what i did a few weeks ago was refeed for a week and then had a few treats and then the following week got back onto TFR and pretended i was just starting, not conventional or to the letter but it worked for me and i have 14lb to target, hope this helps, but dont take it as gospel


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wow you've done amazing so far and i think you should keep it up!


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dont give up hun! food will be there when you are at goal and you'll feel so much better for sticking it out. if you really must have a break, do as katy did and re feed properly then get back on. well done to katy for succeeding with this but i can really imagine that it must be tough to get back on board again.

cambridge do something called ss+ which is shakes and a meal, but my mum did it and said the food was such a hassle as it's so strict that it's easier to have a shake! and you'll get to goal quicker.

good luck with whatever you decide tho, hope we've helped!

and CONGRATS on your achievement so far! xxx


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Hi Tridi,
Sorry to hear you are feeling a little despondent at the moment, April to now is a long time, I started in May and have done 12 weeks and sometimes I think I could stop now, but I am not next or near goal so I know I would regret it.
Perhaps you have to look at smaller milestones, you say you want to lose another 3 stone, is that from a BMI point of view or is where you were before you put on weight. I am going less on the BMI and more how I will look, if that is 2 stone heavier than the BMI then so be it, for me. Last time I was a size 12 I was probably 12 years of age, so I don't have this thinner adult version of myself to work off, I don't know if that is the same for you?
Perhaps people are telling you how well you look and then tagging on that,"you wouldn't want to lose much more, your face is getting very thin" line that can be used. This can be tough to go against as we can start feeling better as we lose the weight and perhaps get a bit complacent as we can now fit clothes in any shop and this means we can allow ourselves to stop. This can only be your judgement call, only you know how happy you will be with stopping now.
I hit my 16 stone target today and I know I look a hell of a lot better than I did in May but I know I will look even better again in October, when I believe I will make the decision to stay or come off, according to how happy I am with how I look. At that stage I would hope to be 13 stone or there abouts which is where you are now.
So after all this waffling, I would still say you are best placed to decide what you want and how you go about it. Perhaps some who have completed their journey will give you advice on how to stay motivated,
but looking at what you have achieved so far should be a huge motivation to you. Well done and best of luck with what you decide.


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5 stone is so amazing, I was sitting here and reading with amazement. You have come so far because you were determained. You knew what you wanted to achieve and you went for it. You only have to do this until you get rid of the last 3 stone then you will never feel like this again. I am on week one and cannot begin to imagine how you feel but we are all craving for food, stick at it until you reach your target then you will know you did the right thing.
I fear that once you get off the train you might not want to get back on. What ever you decide it will be the right choice for you.

I also notice that coming on this forum daily and supporting others also boosts confidence in myself to carry on. Maybe you should do that too. Good Luck hun.


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hi im new on here too so cant give any real advice, but i can say that 5 stone is amazing and you should be very proud of yourself!


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Hi Tridi

What wonderful advice and posts you have, so I will just say...

Congratulations 100% on your weight loss to date - that is true dedication.

Lastly, only looking at what I would do....stick with it - WHY? Because you will get there so much quicker this way than if you did it some other way...but, that is just my opinion.

But, again, very well done on the loss, it is amazing and you should be really proud of yourself.

Please let us know what you decide

Take care


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hi as others hav said big congratulations on loss so far u should be so proud of yourself, such an inspiration to so many of us,
again not qualified to give advice but just to say u have done fantastic and best of luck in what ever u decide ;)
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I've not been on LT for all that long, so can't really speak from experience. You have done absolutely wonderfully so far! 5 stone is a fantastic loss! What I would say, is if you really feel that you can't continue with LT, please please follow the re-feed properly & maintain your current loss! I made the mistake of giving in before my goal last time I did TFR & wish more than anything that I had valued the loss I had experienced up to that point enough to maintain it.

However, I do hope you continue! Best of luck with whatever you decide!!

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Hi there i think the same as everyone else look how far you have come??? just stick at it a few weeks longer to get to your target if you can do it this long you can continue!! losing 5 st that is a real inspiration and shows your detemination keep going!!


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Hey everyone,

Thanks sooooo much for all your comments esp. Doirin, you hit the Nail with the Hammer ( i [email protected] know, do u say that in English? anyway in German it means you r absolutely right)

I was just feeling really bad over the past couple of weeks and I know why. I have always been an emotional eater and even tho I am constantly learning on how to deal with my emotions instead of eating them away, my mind is not fully set on it. I know that I have to continue as my state of mind is not htere where it should be before i stop. I need a little bit more time.

The last time i fit into size 12 was when I was 12 too, just like doirin, so I cannot compare. And as you said I get comments ALL the time on how beautiful i look and when I go out there are men hitting on me as if there is no tomorrow. This might sound very full of myself, it is just that this has RARELY happened to me before.

Anyway my BF is great support and over the weekend I was just really focusing on me and why I do have these feelings. And as Jesi said, coming here on this Forum makes a huuuuge difference. I used to be on Minimins everyday and it gave me so much motivation. But now since I got a higher Position within a new company I can't be on it all the time. Even my BF keeps saying that I should just do it from home. So feck it, that's what i do cos after reading all this I felt so much better and I thought " there is no way i will give in to my old eating behaviour,just because I am under stress, I will get my act togehter and just get along with it and that is it! BASTA as the italians would say"

Anyway cut long story short, THANKS FOR ALL UR SUPPORT and I WILL NOT QUIT!!!!!



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Thanks Tridi for posting this, I have been feeling the same way. The comments everybody has said to you has been relevant to me too.
thank you


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Good on you hun. You should be proud of yourself.
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Hi Tridi, :happy096: for the amazing 5 stone weight loss, you couldn't have got there quicker by any other mans I'm sure....ONLY another 3 stone to go. Just think how utterly spectacular you will feel and look this Christmas. If you stick to it by the letter, do refeed by the letter and learn about your past eating habits and triggers, you will keep it off. I have kept to 10stone 11lbs for the past 5 weeks+. I truly eat what I want and I DON'T want what I USED to eat, my tastes have changed amazingly toward healthy foods with the occasional, and I mean occasional, treats. While I was losing weight I bought myself bags, shoes or other accessories as a reward, now my reward is wearing wonderful clothes that look great on....and so will YOU!!! Best of luck. xxx

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