Finding it SOOOO hard today!

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  1. I'm a couple of days into my third week and so far i've been fine, lost 10lb the first week and 5lb the second but today I just feel a bit fed up of it all, even had a cry! :cry
    Think I'm just overwhelmed by the fact i'm at the beginning and I have months ahead of me! Wish I could just go to sleep and wake up in 5 Months! Seem really hungry again and missing having a yummy meal.
    I'll probably bounce again by tomorrow but today I feel like it's ok to have a little moan!

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  3. KezzieB

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    awww bless you! We all have days like you are feeling - just try really hard to hold off eating - imagine how bad you would feel if you did (although I know that's hard!!)

    I am back to square one at the moment - starting again today. I am angry with myself for falling off the wagon!

    I'm not the best person to offer advice, but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone!!!
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  4. stacey

    stacey i love minimins me :)

    hey hun

    i have day like these all the time :( its horrible aint it, u definatly did th best thing by coming on here :D

    can u perhaps go out for a walk, or look arund shops or sumthin, anythin to keep u busy? i am havin a huge big clear out to keep my busy today?

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  5. Mini

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    Hi D,

    Your not alone:hug99:

    I get like this myself on and off and would love to go to sleep and wake up slim or find the zip to the fat suit and step out of it.

    I do feel for me that CD is the nearest thing to a zip that I have found that works and even so it does feel like a long old road, but then I think it took me years to get so heavy and I know and accept that it is going to take me some time to get it right and make it to goal.

    What keeps me going is the belief I will get there and I know if I give up I will end back at square one again.

    This is a very emotionally journey for it is one of self discovery as well.

    Weekends are tough...but try and keep your focus on how well your doing 15lbs. in two weeks is mega weight loss and just think how could you will feel in five months time when you have your weight off.

    You can do this and it is good to have a little moan, it keeps us real:)

    Love Mini xxx
  6. Thanks guys, really appreciate it! Gonna have a mint choc mousse xx
  7. Judy

    Judy Full Member

    some really good advice there hun, as they said we all go through it, today i could smell people havin a bbq and i said to my daughter awww its not fair smell that and she said no-one is making u not eat mum, i told her i know that but next year i will be slim and i can have a bbq then, its only one year and i will fee great afterwards!!
    so keep ur chin up i have a lonnng way to go so if u wanna chat im here xx
  8. sim94

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    I've had a few days like you. I'm 2 days away from my third week and I have had to keep myself busy today. I was tempted to have an extra bar but resisted (plus my 17 daughter around).

    Try not to think you have another 5 months on the diet, but look to every time you hit a mini goal of maybe 7lb. This is what got me through when I orginally lost my 9st.

    Take it one day at a time and you'll get there. Keep coming back to the forum for support. It really is the best place for you when you are feeling like this.

  9. kazbro

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    just say to yourself wow i`ve lost 15lb in 2 weeks
    it is very hard ss`ing but so worth all the mood swings and fed up moments
    i to get down days but each week when i get on them scales i feel a sense of achievemnet
    its a tough few months but with support on here and staying strong you will succeed

    keep ya chin up and stay positive
    kaz x
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