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Finger sizes?


I will be skinny again!!!


I think it depends.. some people put weight on on their hands.. others dont.. so I dont really know Chick im sorry lol


I will be skinny again!!!
Well.. When you were slimmer do you remember your fingers shrinking?

Why dont you set the ring as one of your goals for when you get to target? or are you scared of it being gone when you get to goal?
Yes your fingers do shrink. My enagement ring was a thight fit. When I lost my weight it fell off my finger, but i didn't get it resized.

I put weight back on, all my own doing! But now, my ring cuts into me so i dont wear it. As soon as I get to my goal, I am going to get it resized and ensure I stay that weight.

Hope that answers your question :)
I went from a size s and half (flubber fingers) to an m. thats 6 and half ring sizes. I actually lost my engagement ring and had to replace it.

So, definately made a difference to me !


on the up lol
Cant wear most of my rings :( all way way to big lol , i lost 7 stone last time on this ..... so yes it does make a diff , and if u want to buy a ring get a size or 2 smaller then if its to big(after diet) u can get it resized ( works out better then getting made bigger ) :)
hey there - i lost weight on my fingers when i did my major LT loss last year and needed a new wedding ring :) Don't buy any rings until you're done :)


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Ahh, brilliant advice girls, thankyou!!

Id wait till i was at goal like chelly and purple suggested, but ive been looking for a ring like this for the past year or two and it would be just my luck for someone else to buy it!

So, ill get it in the next size down :D



I will be skinny again!!!
awww that is beautiful!

How do you know what ring size you are?? lol


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..I dont LOL..but im going by a ring i used to wear when i was at my skinniest of ten stone. It was lose but not so lose that it fell off.
I gave it to my mum as its too small for me now :(
Then i bought her an O size ring of ebay which was a tad smaller then my skinny ring so im taking a wild guess that p would fit!

The problem is my finger knuckle then anything else when i was skinny it was wider then the bottom of my finger, so its a bugger finding a good ring thats not too big or too small or wont go over that finger knuckle!
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I love my purdy shoes
Get a smaller size ring ready for when you've lost the weight,it's really pretty.

I stupidly bought my wedding ring when I was half through lt last time and by the time i'd stopped it was falling off my finger, I don't have very fat fingers now but they still got skinnier lol


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Ooo thats pretty!

You could always buy it and see. If its too small then you could use it as an incentive to slim into it? But if its too big then i think they can refund it or exchange it.

Oooor seeing as that ring doesnt end till the 27th of jan, you could by a cheap ring gauger which is like 99p and then buy it?
NEW RING SIZER GAUGE, MEASURES FINGER SIZE A TO Z on eBay (end time 19-Jan-10 12:10:04 GMT)

Its abit of a hassle but it depends on how much you like/want the item!!

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