finishing sachets???

Yes you must finish all the sachets , the contents are carefully balanced to ensure maximum weight loss whilst delivering all the vitamins and minerals your body needs . Other than being harmful to your health , only having 2 sachets could slow down your weight loss . The calories in the shakes is the minimun you need without your body going into 'starvation mode ' where it wil stop burning fat and start burning muscle which is more efficient .. but you dont want to loose muscle .. and remeber your heart is a muscle .....


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yes it is very important as it will unbalance you.


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Maybe you should take your first one as early as possible if you are struggling to get 3 down. I'm amazed as i would have 4 if i could,lol
As the others said it is very important to get the 3 drank, good luck with it.


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Hi lovelylaura

I'm with Stinkybreath there...I could easily have 4...5... a day,but I am only on day three ( stomach still shrinking) that's probably why.
Good sign that your stomach is shrinking though, but yes, as this is a totally well balanced diet its best to stick to the programme. Watch the LT video clip on the website, it explains all.
Good luck ;)


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I echo what all the lovely people have already said, my only suggestion would be maybe make them with more water - I make mine with 800 ml - so its very watery - might not be quite as filling.

But definately go with all 3 every day. x


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I feel the same and really struggle to get all three down and would much prefer to have 1 or 2 shakes in the day so I know how you feel. It is still really important to have all 3 shakes even if you have to force yourself. I find having mine with crushed ice and a straw really helps me get them down. Hope that helps x x x


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At the end of Week 1 I started to feel the same way, just was not hungry at all! I knew I had to have all three though and was really forcing the last one down. It wasn't because I didnt' like them either, I do actually quite like the shakes! Seriously just was not hungry.
Its all changed nowthough, and whilst still not particularly hungry, I know when I'm 'due one' iyswim, and actually look forward to it.
So it should, hopefully level itself out soon :)

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Hi Laura!

I feel your pain!

I'm on my third week now and Ketosis has well and truly paid me a visit as I too struggle with taking 3 in a day, but needs must and all that..

It really is important to get the 3 down as we need the nutrients.

Best of luck with it hun!