First (and last!) Diary to weightloss success!!

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    Hi :) (to anyone who is reading!)

    Thought it was about time I posted a diary as I have been lurking in the shadows of Minimins for a while! I have done numerous fad diets in the past with some success however slowly but surely I seem to end up back where I started which is just over a stone heavier than I would like to be!

    I love going to the gym and on a normal week I am there 3/4 times doing a mixture of weights and cardio however it always seems to be the diet that lets me down! I go from one extreme to another and this has left me with a bit of an unhealthy relationship with food! So this time its slow and steady - its not a race and trying to race for the past 10 years has left me back where I started so is totally not worth it!

    So after doing a bit of googling to establish my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) based on my current weight, height and activity levels, to maintain my current weight (154lbs) I would need to eat approx. 2100 cals and a suggested sensible reduction for weightloss of approx. 15% leaves me at 1770.

    SO this is what I am going to aim for over the next 6 weeks 1770 cals. I am not going to weigh but will post calorie intake (from MFP) here every day! This will hopefully give me a healthy weightloss of about 6lbs by about 16th August!

    Hoping this forum will keep me on track! Some over you are already doing great! So looking forward to hearing more!
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  3. Lady_Amalthea

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    just stopped by to see how you are getting on? :)
  4. libby41854

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    Good luck!!! x
  5. *skinnyme*

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