First CD weigh in


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That is fantastic Davica, bet it makes the first week worthwhile...

Keep it going, you have done really really well...



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Ooh, I've been looking for you. lol. That's fantastic! why are you amazed? you behaved all wk so those are the results. Congratulations hun.x


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Well done Davica, thats a great loss.


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Fabulous weight loss - congratulations you must be so chuffed :D

Keep up the hard work and good luck for next week


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fantastic loss! Well done!



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Thanks again all, I'm really pleased especially after a few teething problems.

Trini - I was amazed coz, I've lost that amount of weight in one go (only on tv I thought that happened), as my body was getting adjusted to doing CD I was sick and though from very early on that I couldn't do it but I just persevered through the difficult times earlier on in the week.



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Well done that is amazing..... :)

How much do you have to lose


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Hi Davica

Very well done on your first week and good on you for persevering even though it made you sick

I just been for my second weigh in

16lb first week
7lb second week

For the first time in my life I am looking forward to getting on the scales

Keep going and dont let the "hungry monsters" get to you


Allan G

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:D well done, your over the hardest part, week one can be difficult and a shock to the system, keep going it will be worth it in the end:D


Fantastic start Davica - just 1 more lb till you have lost a stone! Brilliant! Certainly keeps you motivated doesnt it!