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First class tonight!!


Starting again!
i was so nervous the first time, and more about finding out how much i weighed! just think that once its done it done and you can then start the journey towards a new you! good luck! xx
I was nervous too :-D
Don't worry, once you're there it will be fine.
I still get nervous anticipation each week, but I enjoy the feeling now.

Welcome to the wonderful Slimming World - we're all here to help!


Never gets tired of SW!
It's natural to be nervous! Afterall it's a big step to take- unfamiliar environment, new people, meeting your Consultant for the first time, and most of all finding out the thing you've been dreading most- your weight!! But it's an exciting step and whatever the scales say, you know where you are and you're going to do something about it and make a pledge to NEVER see that number again!! I would never have imagined when I stepped on those scales on 26th October that I'd be nearly 3 stone lighter today, 27 weeks later! Just over 2 stone to go! It's amazing how quickly the time goes! You'll be fine!! X


Excited about the new me!
Good Luck CurvyLass, you'll be fine and you'll be amazed at that 1st weeks WI, after you have felt..you've eaten for England, lol.. No other diet like it and it soooo works. Have you seen Cocktail Princess's thread? She has lost over 100lb on sW and is still loosing too :). What an inspiration. It fits into your day and there is no need witht eh free food to measure etc either. You just decide what plan you are on that day, plan the day ahead if you can and away you go.. Good luck, but I'm sure you won't need it :) xx


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dont be nervous everyone is there for the same reason that you are and i am sure that you will be fine good luck:)


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Hopefully, by now you've found there's no need to be nervous.

That said - i recall walking through the doors the first time. Nervous, scared, and wondering what i'd find beyond. Well - can't have been too bad - 17months later, and i'm still going through the doors (though they're different doors now as i changed group to allow me to get home earlier).

All you'll find is other people in the same situation - wanting to loose and manage their weight. For me, and many others i'm sure, the meeting forms part of their social network now. (it's also the only night of the week i know i won't be working till goodness knows when).

Hope you enjoyed yourself and know that you were amongst like minded people.



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the meeting was fine itself but my word was the WI a shock. I never knew i was so damn heavy. I am nearly 8 stone overweight! I'm only 21. Madness!!

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
the meeting was fine itself but my word was the WI a shock. I never knew i was so damn heavy. I am nearly 8 stone overweight! I'm only 21. Madness!!
But you're in the best place to lose it hun! Well done for going and don't think of it as 8 stone to lose - it may help to break it down into smaller, mini goals xxx
the meeting was fine itself but my word was the WI a shock. I never knew i was so damn heavy. I am nearly 8 stone overweight! I'm only 21. Madness!!

That will soon change if you can stay focused.

At just 4 month's into my SW journey - I have lost 3 stone already!

I love Slimming World :D


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Just give yourself mini goals, half a stone at a time...its far less daunting...and the more you lose the more determined you become....You have taken the hardest step by attending your first meeting. Onwards and upwards from now x


is on the road to Slimdon
I was only a pound different to you in weight when I started 6 months ago. I have now lost nearly 3 stone and am so much happier although I know I still have a few stone to go!

You can definitely do it and with SW you can enjoy life at the same time like any 21 yr old should be doing!!

Good luck with your journey.

Amy xx


Never gets tired of SW!
I know it's easy enough for me to say, but it doesn't matter how much you've got to lose!! What matters is that you're doing something about it now and you'll NEVER have to see that number on the scales EVER again!! Just tell yourself that every single week!! Break it all down into mini goals, not just 1/2 stones but little bits like '2 lb to get into the next stone range', '2 lb to have lost 10lb (another decade as it were)', '1 1/2 lb to get under 200lb' etc etc!! I do that ALL the time, and the pounds soon mount up, just as they mounted up when I put it on!! Satisfying to know that we can lose it quicker than we put it on though!! Good luck, stick with us and we'll all get through this together!!XXX

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