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first day almost over

hey every one i need lots of help tips and support to stick to this im 14 stone and 5ft 10in i wanna be trim slim and at least 12.5stone by the 1st september as that is waht i weight after having my son 7 years ago im happy in my life just wish i had more confidence and felt sexy being tall some times has its disadvantages :( also would like to make some friends too..
danni x
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Hi Hun it's not been too bad however I've decided an early night has been called for just watching tele with my last litre of water I found putting 2 to 3 sweeteners in my shake make them a lot more tasty and keeping my self occupied has stopped me from temptation!!! How's it been for you Hun where u from!! I'm from Stafford xx
Good luck to both of you

weigh in 13stone 2lbs

week 1 -10lbs
week 2 -5lbs
week 3 -4lbs
week 4 -7lbs weighed in on wed instead of Mon - bank hol
week 5 reach 2 stone loss
week 6
hi googgirl welcome on board. i am the same height as you but stated lipotrim at 16 stones , 3 weeks ago amd as at this morning i am now 14 stones 10. i dont want to be superslim but just want to wear size 16 cloths comfortably . as soon as i het to 14 stones i will stop as my neck is really getting as long as an ostrich. ha ha ha . takia and looking forward to chatting with you
Good morning all,
Well I didn't sleep that well last night took me a while to go to sleep subconscious was definitely thinking about food ha ha however I'm Hungry still a bit tired so still in bed on my way to the loo this morning I had a sneaky go on my scales yesterday morning I weight 14.2stone and now I weight 13.13 that's really weird I've not seen that number in ages and I didn't even take off my pjs ha ha
I'm kinda excited now this is going to be amazing tammy you come off this diet when your ready I do advise you to go straight on SW or WW it will help u to maintain your goal I'm not sure how long I will be on this I've set a 2stone benchmark so that when I do refeed if I put on half a stone it will still be ok, I'm also doing zumba as often as my partner will let me have the living room tele!!! Xxxx
Has anyone tried there's with sweeteners in yet?? It's nicer trust me!!
Hi there Goodgirl,beautifulbryony and Perfectx.
Its day 3 for me today so just ahead of you all. Good luck and keep up the water intake it definately helps stop me feeling wobbly or hungryx
hi everyone! thanks for all the support so far!
goodgirl- i'm from southampton. and haven't tried sweeteners with the shakes yet. i'm finding them alright so far which i'm surprised about. wonder how long that'll last haha.
i'm so glad i found this forum.. really think it's helping me already. there are so many amazing success stories and it's so nice to feel that i have people to turn to if i hit a wall or start feeling negative about it all.
hi beautifulbryony and everyone else aswell.
just wondered whether you guys are keeping the diet a secret or have told family and friends?

Hi perfectx am not keeping this a secret per se. I use my shake @ work and after losing a stone. They are asking me and av told them. 2 male staff have already asked me for their wives as its shown on me. So I will suggest u do not need to make conscious effort to hide it because d diet is stressful enough without stressing urself more.
Hey all how's your day going so far!!
the tiredness and headache have finally hit me now.. thought i was gonna get away with feeling fine. ah well.. sunday night telly and bed should hopefully sort it. how about you ladies?
Funny I didn't suffer any headaches just lightheadedness but from what pple have been saying its not unexzpected and it wl pass before the end of your first week hopefully. Just stay hydrated. Well done
I don't think I'm getting headaches just lightheaded and tired I was wondering if you take vitamins supplement with this as I'm keen on vitamin b for mood enhancers I think I will ask on Tuesday xx
Day three here already I really struggled to get to sleep last night seems like my whole body aches and felt drained this morning xx how r u all xx
god i feel awful today. can barely lift my 2l water bottle to drink haha, so pathetic :) i guess my list of things to do today can wait until tomorrow when i'm hopefully feeling better.
goodgirl- hope the tiredness from last night will help you get to sleep tonight!



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Hi Everyone!

I'm on day 5 and finding it a bit of a rollercoaster - one minute I am fine and the next I am snappy and horrible! Hopefully that will pass or my children will leave home!

You are all doing great, keep at it and together we will win! xx
day three

hey girls hows it going so far so good i manage to sit through the boys having lunch at asda tried to buy some ketostix but the chemist was all out just curious to know if im at that stage yet i prolonged my luch time shake went bowling with the boys so only just had my shake ive worked it my meal plan should look like this
breakfast at 8am
Lunch at 2pm
dinner at 8pm
as last night i wasnt hunry just body aches all over and yes perfect ive got no energy either have to force my self to hang the washing out
the good news is the scales are dropping at least a pound a day which is the only thing that keeps me going
i will say im never going to take the amount of unhealthy food i eat for granted as i never wanna put my self through this again my heads all over the shop i think its more to do with my body withdrawing from certain food i usually have SUGAR!!
still wanna find out if i can have additional vitamins ill probabily hang my self by week two if i cant sertain a good mood!!

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