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Extra Easy First day down..

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by projectp23, 23 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. projectp23

    projectp23 Member

    Good evening all,

    First day down. I can honestly say this is the first diet ive kept to for a day in over a few years. How ridiculous does that sound? I feel like I am eating too much but I am assured it will not be detrimental to my losses? I am doing the online slimming world.

    I am hoping to do the diet 100% for 13 weeks before my holiday and to lose around a stone to a stone and a half. Does anyone think this is possible?

    I look forward to meeting everyone on here and hearing about everyones progress!

    P x
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  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Well-Known Member

    Hello P
    well done on getting through your first day! It can be such a struggle- not necessarily the diet itself, its a whole mindset/lifestyle change that takes some getting used to!
    A stone should definitely be achievable, that'd be an average of a lb a wk so a good healthy loss :)
    good luck with it!
    Rosie x
  4. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    Hiya welcome,

    That's fantastic news and you sound so very positive!

    What day have you decided to make your weigh in? There's a thread for each day which is great support for your weigh in.

    Good luck with your weigh loss
  5. projectp23

    projectp23 Member

    Oooo is there? I only joined the site a couple of hours ago and have not had time to have a look around properly! Wednesday is going to be my weigh in day...I shall try and find it. I am positive...because I do not think I will get the urge to binge on this- which is normally what ruins my attempts at losing weight.

    Thank you for the support, much appreciated and I am glad I do not sound like I am expecting miracles!!

    P x
  6. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    There is definitely a Wednesday Weigh in thread. If you look for the Slimming World - Weekly weigh in sub folders you'll find the thread. Here's the link http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world-weekly-weigh/127096-wednesday-weighers-819.html#post7244576

    Have a look at the weight loss and food diaries as there's loads of inspiration
  7. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Well-Known Member

    hi and a huge welcome to minimins. best of luck with your sw journey. 1stone is def doable. I am a wednesday weigher too see you over there next week ;) there is tons of information on this site and everyone is really friendly and alwawys someone to help if needed :) x
  8. Diamondintherough

    Diamondintherough Well-Known Member

    Hi Projectp23, your goal is definitely achievable... I lost 1 stone in the first 10 weeks and that is including a week where I had a gain. Good luck reaching your target... Just stay with it, try to make sure you have variety to stop getting bored.
  9. projectp23

    projectp23 Member


    Did anyone get extremely bloated on sw in the first week? I look six months pregnant. Getting on ok...craving chocolate like mad but think that's hormones!

    Hope everyone's having a good weekend x
  10. Theria

    Theria Well-Known Member

    Oh yes. It's quite common because your body's probably not used to the quantities if fruit and veg you are now eating. The gas it produces can be quite extreme for a while! :) It will settle down!
  11. SarahButterfly

    SarahButterfly Well-Known Member

    Yep my first week on SW very bloated and constipated! My body wasn't used to the increased fibre, fruit and veg.
  12. NewMe14

    NewMe14 Well-Known Member

    Yeah me too! It does settle down and once you get used to all the healthy food you will feel great. I certainly have much more energy :)
  13. kisforkelsey

    kisforkelsey Well-Known Member

    I've lost 1 and a half stone in just under 3 months on slimming world so you'll get your 1 stone in no time if you stick to plan! :D The bloating eventually sorts itself out as your body gets more and more used to it, i definitely had that problem when i first started. Good luck! :D x
  14. Snozzberry

    Snozzberry Well-Known Member

    I understand completely what you mean about not being able to stick to something for long, for the past few years I've tried various plans (some several times, including SW) but given up after two weeks. Something just clicked this time and leapt me in the zone.

    I had my 12th weigh in today and am 1lb short of 1.5 stone - that's with steady losses averaging 1.5lbs a week and one week where I sts - I have yet to have a gain this time round (I've probably cursed myself now lol). I'm sure that seeing such positive results is what has driven me to keep going this time.
  15. projectp23

    projectp23 Member

    Hi everyone! So today was my first weigh in...I only lost a pound. Initially I was a little disappointed but I think I need to put it into perspective. I am eating more healthily and have cut out junk so I must be doing myself good...even if it may take a lot longer! The bloating is still crazy...I hope it will soon settle as I am not actually joking. I have seen heavily pregnant women with smaller tummies haha.

    I have been keeping to my A and B and having around 10 syns a day.... I have polycystic ovaries and an underactive thyroid (also known as a walking advert for putting on weight) so I think i just have to keep ploughing on!

    How did everyone do this week?

    Love p xxx
  16. carrieann78

    carrieann78 Well-Known Member

    Well done for sticking with it And on your loss ihave my first weigh in since being back tonight fell off the wagon for about two years. X

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