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First day of Lipotrim..tips? :)


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I did start Lipotrim in the summer of 2010 but quickly fell off the wagon (we had too many BBQs!)

Anyway, my husband has decided he wants to try it too and so we started it this morning together :)

Feeling really positive, our first day has gone really well. However, I'm back at uni from monday and nervous about how I'm going to cope...

Any good tips for getting through the day around lots of people with lots of food?! :D
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Water and coffee is your friend

Water keep you hydrated

Coffee makes me feel less hungry, if I'm feeling hungry a hot coffee always works

Also cold peppermint tea mixed with the chocolate shakes mmmmmmmm lovely

And I mix more liquid approx 350ml with the shakes and 400ml with the soup, play around with the mixing to get it right for you

Oh the colder the shakes the better for me

Xx good luck Hun, welcome to the family


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Thanks ladies :) I'm looking forward to hearing everyone stories. The stuff I've read so far is very inspirational :D


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For me, (im on day 5 today) if I get a feeling that im hungry I have a cup of tea (or coffee, whichever you prefer) it does take that pang away even if only for half an hour. Someone gave me a tip, to write down things to do before your shakes/soups, and ive done it. I wrote down that in a morning, I must have a bottle of water (ive collected about 50 330ml bottles) and give my son his breakfast before my shake. It does seem to help, because ive 'got to' do that before mine and its like an hour before I have it even though I want it. Just drink lots of water too, im finding it too easy to drink the 2ltrs. Although im going to the toilet like no tomorrow. Good luck with it, it does get easier. I *think* ive just got through ketosis because im not feeling how I was on the first days. x


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Day 2 has gone well, I'm still thinking I'm hungry pretty much all of the time but I know it's just a mind thing..

Peppermint tea is my new best friend and it is helping with the hunger pangs :)

My husband is taking to it like a duck to water, he absolutely loves the shakes... :D

Thanks for all the advice and hope you're all having a good day x
Hi!! Some good advice on here!! I've had a tough day today but stuck with it!!
Peppermint tea and water are my friends too!!! I put a Listerine strip in my hot choc last night ha haha!!Never thought of the peppermint tea..it should taste better than my effort!
I went back to work on tuesday...in addition to the advice above I try to keep busy..challenge my craving and ask myself 'am I hungry?'..I'm usually not so I try to do something different. If I am...then it's likely I'd not hit ketosis so i'd have some tea or really go for it with a black coffee or soda water woo hoo!!!
I think of my shakes as 'medicine' and will 'make me slim again...make me feel better'. I treat myself every day ...hot soaky bath..early night with hot choc...pedicure (got 1 of those foot spa thingys) and do my toenails...facepack!!!

Wow we will be gorgeous!!!
keep at it...come on the forum for support
Best of luck!!


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We just tried the vanilla "latte" and can't say I'm a fan...I love the shakes really cold :D

Funny you mentioned treating yourself, I actually gave myself a french manicure last night to take my mind off food, and it's really got me excited for the "new" me :D:D

Hope everyone's day has been great x


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I'm never so pampered as when on Lipotrim lol. Last night here was a face pack, bubble bath, manicure, the lot :D We deserve it! xx
Face pack and eyebrows for me tonight :) It's my OH birthday next week so we are hopefully (if I can get some decent train tickets) going to London for a Comedy night and some spa treatments over the weekend.... Massage... AHHHHH :D


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Hi, does anyone know if there is a limit on the number of breath strips u r allowed per day? Day one and so far so good but I know how bad my mouth felt the last time I was in ketosis :-(
Thanx in advance x
Not sure on that Yeye, also - can u use any of the breath strips on the market? End of day 3 drawing to a close and I've got a gammy mouth, not sure how my poor customers feel with me breathing all over em! I must say though that peppermint tea has become my saviour when I'm in work and feeling like I "need" something. I need nothing, as we all know, its just a force of habit in work, especially when I work in a male environment and they're always blinkin eating rubbish! aaaaghh!!!


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Thanx Lolapink, the breath strips I got were from the pharmacy, antibacterial and sugar free.
It sounds as though u may b reaching ketosis :)


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London trip sounds like bliss :) Enjoy!

Not sure about the breath strips, but prob quite a few :)



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pinklyns25 said:
when i was on lipo the listerine strips didnt affect my ketosis an i was on this for 7months, had them everyday and lost 9 stone. good luckxx
Wow! Fantastic, well done you and thank you x
Hi everyone, just found this site and you are all spurring me on. Am on day 4, and have not felt to great what with headaches and general yuk feeling! Drinking loads of water/tea/coffee, what brand of peppermint tea are you all drinking? Have been really good and stuck to programme like glue. When do you go into ketosis?

lolapink said:
Hope we're all still doing great, and I'm off to get some listerine strips asap as the OH is taking the mick out of me!
Where do u get listerine strips from, I've been searching to no avail !! But I do live in the country lol so sheep dip isn't a problem...
Where do u get listerine strips from, I've been searching to no avail !! But I do live in the country lol so sheep dip isn't a problem...
Ebay hun.... Item no:220608269959

There are loads on there x x x

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