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first day of slimming world - does my menu sound ok?

Hi all, just started slimming world today, not sure I'm doing it completely right though as I seem to be eating a lot!
Thanks in advance for your help xx

Does this sound ok for my first day on plan as a green day?:

B: 28g Bran flakes (HE b)
Skimmed milk (HE a)

S: Apple

L: Salad of lettuce, spring onion, tomato, sweetcorn, mangetout and a jacket potato with tablespoon of extra light soft cheese.
Crispy onion salad topping (3 syns?)

S: Apple

D: Stir fry beef (HE b) with rice, carrots, mangetout, soy sauce, peppers, mushrooms
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Sounds grand, whats the Crispy onion salad topping (3 syns?) Do you have a brand name and I can look it up for you.

You could have some rice or noodles with your beef stirfry if you wanted :)

Welcome !


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this looks fine to me, plenty of fruit and veg! Is your light cheese being used as your other HEA choice or is it synned?
Also be careful guessing syns with your crispy onion topping, you may be shocked (or surprised!
Are you having any other syns? Remember, they are there to use so you don't feel like you are missing out.

Well done!
Schwartz Salad Toppings, Crispy Onion Bits 1 level tbsp

Original 4½ Syns
Green 4½ Syns

Oh I bet you could make your own for free
Thanks for your replies!
Vicky, the onion salad cripsies are from Danfoods, never heard of that brand myself, but they were lurking in the cupboard to be used up! (They've all gone now, which is probably a good thing!). :eek:

Sorry, yes light cheese is being used as a healthy extra. Not having any more sins tonight - just want to get my head round the plan as I've found it a bit confusing to start with - then I'll tackle the treats! (much rather call them that then syns!).

Thanks for your help everyone x


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Treats is a good way to think of it!!! Remember though, Syns is short for "synergy", the thing that brings the whole plan together - not Sin as in a bad thing!

Enjoy SW and well done for today. x
Don't forget that your HEa bran flakes is 28g + a ryvita and you should measure out your HEa of milk. The idea is to have the full allowance otherwise you're supposed to syn it. 350ml of milk on 28g of bran flakes absolutely drowns them...I can say from experience! lol! Can you drink the rest in brews or on its own?

Not everyone does count it so strictly, but just to make you aware of it from the start, so you don't get into bad habits ;)
Thanks HelliCopter - yes, I did see the bit about the Ryvita, but to be honest I'm not a fan of it and wouldn't eat it. Does that mean I can increase my allowance of bran flakes or does it not work like that?
Yes, I did measure the milk, have used it for tea through the day too :)
Thanks for your help x

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