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  1. poppygirl

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    Been on many, returning to WW!
    Hi everyone, hope it's ok to join you guys? A quick intro- this time last year I was 12.7 and started cd in June and by sept I was 9.6. I had a week I think on 810 but then thought I could go to ww and maintain that way. Earlier this year a stone crept on and I could so feel it. So I contacted my CDC again and hopped back on cd. I did two weeks of ss, one on ss+ then I was back to bmi 25 and went to 810. I'm now back to 9.6 and on 1000 plan and working my way up!

    As I work up the plans what's the best way to keep track on calories? I tend to split the amounts of say the protein and I then loss track as they aren't equal portions, if u see what I mean? Should I be working out each calorie even on the salad?

    I think I will do this for the future so should I do it now too, any websites or anything anyone can recomend?

    Many thanks in advance xxx
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  3. LellyCD

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    Hi Poppygirl,
    Welcome to the maintenance bit of the forum, it seems a little quiet this week, hope everyone comes back soon!

    Well done for getting back to your goal weight and good on you for addressing it before it became a problem!

    Good luck with moving up the plans too, 1000 plan is very enjoyable after ss/810
    I found the best way of keeping track was to keep an online food diary there are few online - weightloss resources, Perfect diet tracker or Food focus are a few, food focus is free so I use that one but have tried the trials on the others and they aboth good too. Good idea to get into the habit of tracking early too so it becomes easier to know your cals a bit more.

    Hope all goes well on your 1000 week!

    Have a great day!

  4. poppygirl

    poppygirl Full Member

    Been on many, returning to WW!
    Thanks lellycd, I'll have a look at those ones.

    I vowed I'd never be a re starter last year but it was my own fault for not working up the plans but Im enjoying doing so this time.

    I made the pasta recipe from the 1000 book last night, it was really nice but so much of it!! I still had my bar and fruit to have!

    Thanks again for the reply xxx
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    Welcome Poppy, you've done so well. Lelly's advice is great. :)
  6. LellyCD

    LellyCD Trying to stay healthy!

    The fruit is such a welcome treat after early plans isn't it...enjoy!

  7. poppygirl

    poppygirl Full Member

    Been on many, returning to WW!
    Thanks lelly and bess for the welcome! I haven't managed the fruit yet but am going to try and fit it in the daytime as a snack. Feeling pleased as scales were 9.5 yesterday even after the pasta dish the night before. I have no clear goal at the mo, it was 9.7 but I'm going to see what happens as I work up the plans and see if my body naturally sticks at a number.

    I did some research on calorie counting websites and food focus looks good but if I jump on the home computer the kids beat me off it lol!

    So I've found myfitnesspal ap on my iPhone and that's been great. Takes a bit of time to enter the foods but it will get quicker us I can use it all the time. I thought hubby would think I was getting obsessed by counting every calorie but he thinks I need to do it and it's a good idea... Phew! He said he is keeping an eye on me though lol! I've never been this slim since I've known him, think I was about 10 1/2 stone when we met and it's our tenth wedding anniversary in may :) xxx
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