First day on CD.


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Hi Everyone.

I hope your all having a good day.:)

I saw my GP today and he gave me the go ahead to start the diet. I had to stop taking one of my tablets. He was very positive.
I go and see the CDC at 1 to collect my shakes. I'm really excited and at the same time very nervous.
I've cut down on carbs in the last week and increased my water intake so hopefully that should reduce some of the initial side effects.
I weighed 1st 9lb more on the CDC's scales than on mine.:eek: I nearly fainted.
Off to measure myself now and drink more water.
Chris. x
welcome to CD!

u'll be fine after a few days. if u have read the other posts u know what to expect going into ketosis. prepare for a few hard days but when u come round to having ur 1st weigh in u will be sooo chuffed with urself!

i am changing CDC and meeting her monday. Im worried her scales will weigh heavier than mine but its still all gonna be history anyways. with a bit of luck her scales will be kinder than mine, not meaner lol.

good luck! look forward to hearing about ur 1st weigh in xxx
Many thanks Karen. I will appreciate the support. I'm actually going out for the next three nights so will need all my will power, but I'm determined to stick to the diet.
Good luck with your new CDC on Monday.
ohh gawd! well if u can manage 3 nights out BEFORE ketosis then u will be unstoppable afterwards for any high temptation situation!

let us all know how u get on!

Good luck with your weightloss journey Chris, this diet will absolutely change your life! And I agree with Karen if you get through 3 nights out before ketosis there will be absolutely no stopping you !!!!! xx
I'm actually going out for the next three nights so will need all my will power, but I'm determined to stick to the diet.

Wow Im at day 9 and havent tried going out yet, If you have the will power on the 1st 3 days you'll sail through.
My 1st test will be off shopping tomorrow afternoon into evening with my friend. It used to be Tapas at the end but now it will be drinks. Im lucky that my friends totally understand and as they say its only for a relative short time.
Good luck with your weightloss, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll begain to see results. Cutting back on carbs was a excellent thing to do prior to staring, it will certainly help with any side effects, i was luck i had none..... Look forward to reading your post's.

Thank you all for the support. I am just drinking my first shake..........a capucccino. Its tastes ok.
It was a white knuckle ride driving to see the CDC in this wind.

Chris. xx
Good luck!

Welcome to CD and good luck! I started on Monday, and I am feeling great! I use this sforum at lunchtime so I can pass the time without thinking of food. I have lost my hunger, cravings and i Feel incredible! You go and gwt your shakes, you will love 'em! I like using hot water with the cho shake and adding a spoon of coffee, so you have a mocha! Tastes just wonderful! Let me know how you get on, and if you find it tough, just email me [email protected] x