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First Day on Sole Source - Panicking!

Hey! :wavey:

I know this is a kinda strange thread but I was wondering if any of you seasoned CDers could help.

It's my first day on soul source and I feel OK - bit hungry maybe - except I feel very emotional and panicky. :cry:

I don't know if it's because of the actual diet, or whether it's because I'm so desperate to lose weight and I've talked this into being my Last Big Hope???

Normally when I get panicky I stuff my face ;) but obviously I can't do that this time. I've got a lot to lose - 6 stone - and I'm feeling very overwhelmed.

Any ideas or wise words?
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just keep with it hun, maybe its because your not eating and you are an emotional eater, try and keep busy so you dont think about it, i take the dog out, have a bath, come on here good luck you can do it xx


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Just wanted to wish you good luck on your journey. and to say hang in there the first few days can be a little tough.. Keep yourself busy, drink lots of water, read a magazine, go for a walk, treat yourself to a hot relaxing bubble bath .. anything to keep yourself away from food..

CD is really fab and you see such great results if you stick with it.. Come on here as everyone is so supportive.

Good luck x
Oh thank you for replying! I've just been and glugged a load of water to cheer myself up!!! Not sure it really worked but I feel a lot better for reading your replies.

I'm really shocked at how closely food is linked to my emotions. I'm just setting myself a target to get through this week and then I'll see how I feel.
Good luck Polly, I find myself on here all the time, it keeps me from eating, everyone is very supportive and its an inspiration to see how much people are losing each week, this is what keeps me going, knowing that I could lose that weight next week.

Once you get through the first day you know you can conquer it, if after this you feel you have to eat it's in your head because you've already gone without. Just stick with it & you will see results fast!!


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Hi Polly
I'm an emotional eater as well - I eat every emotion going, from sadness to joy to loneliness to celebration. The trick seems to be to tell yourself 'ok I'm scared, but if I eat that cake then I'll still be scared AND I'll have eaten a cake I didn't need'

Its a big step, doing this, but take it hour by hour, even minute by minute, you can get through it. Its only fear of the unknown, after all. And tomorrow, it won't be unknown any more, you'll have done a day and got through it, so it'll probably all be fine!

Stick with it. And keep posting!


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