Step 1 Sole Source First day on sole source!!!!!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by Woowoo123, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Woowoo123

    Woowoo123 New Member


    i have 50 lb to lose and I'm on soul source. I have a holiday in may and Im hoping to have it all off by then!!! Is this at all possible on this diet ? :confused::confused::confused:. Has anybody had these kind of results? My first day wasn't too bad ! And I'm feeling pretty determined . I'm hoping this forum will also keep me on track :D
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    CDROME Full Member

    Hi Woowoo123! *waves back* :D

    My target weight loss is 55 pounds / 25 kg / 4 stone, in order to bring my weight to 132 pounds / 60 kg / 9.4 stone. I'm currently on week six and I've managed to lose 20 pounds / 9.4 kg in five weeks. They say you lose a stone a month on average, which seems about right with what I've achieved thus far. So three or four months is what I'm aiming for, to get down to my target weight. But I think the higher your weight is, the faster you lose it. And it slows down with the smaller you get. I'm sure you can achieve it or get pretty close to target by May! :)

    Best of luck for the next few days! I'm looking forward to following your journey on this diet. X
  4. Woowoo123

    Woowoo123 New Member

    Thankyou .That's a great loss so far .are you doing sole source? X

    CDROME Full Member

    Thanks! I'm pleased with my progress and tend to focus more on that rather than how far I still have to go as it can be a little overwhelming! Yep, I've been doing Sole Source. :) x

    CDROME Full Member

    Hi Woowoo123! How are you getting on? :) x

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