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First day over and...


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Hi, It seems to be different for everyone, for some its within a couple of hours of eating it and for others its the next day. Try and stick to foods with less than 5g fat per 100g and to 10 - 15g fat per meal and you should be absolutely fine :)

Like Jax said everyone is different lol If you're worrried about how much fat you're eating, maybe try and keep a food diary and record what you eat and the amount of fat in it. I've found it to be the best way to keep tabs on what I eat :)
I've no idea, suppose because nothing has ever worked before. Feeling sorry for myself! lol. Been told there's no other medication I take so if this doesn't work I'm definitely on my own, bit worrying
Thing is though Xenical arent a miracle pill, all theyll do is help you. They wont lose the weight for you, they WILL encourage you to keep to a low fat, healthier eating plan and THAT will cause you to lose weight.

Just dont get disheartened if you dont see big losses, a lot of doctors really dont seem to explain how they work when they prescribe them.

If your diet is already low in fat you may not have any side effects at all - I didnt
I hope the first night went well for you hun with no side affects x


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Keep your chin up - whilst Xenical isn't a miracle pill, it helps you eat healthier and make better food choices so that when you are on your own, you can just carry on as if you've been eating like that for ever. Whilst people may seem to lose the weight quicker on VLCD such as LL or CD, they have to learn to reintegrate food back into their diets. With Xenical, you eat food every day. You'll be fine x
Well, 3 days on, had no nasty side effects. Only thing I've had is my stomach making some really strange noises thats even woken my other half up at night, lol. Is this normal? Thought it might be with the tablets getting into my system.


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I would say the gurgling stomach is quite normal as most people seem to suffer it! lol
Also you may find that you have increased wind! :eek: This does settle down over time i promise :)


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