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First day today

Good luck the first few days are the hardest once you get into a routine it gets easier


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Hiya its my 1st day too!!! Add me if you like and we can go thru it together! Im ok, lil peckish but thats to be expected. Drinking so much water, im so focused on this now xx


I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya Nicola!

Welcome aboard and good luck with your journey!

How are you finding it so far? do you like the shake ok?


Thanks for the reply's i am feeling quite motivated :)not used to going to the loo so many times in one day don't think i have ever drank so much water ! i am finding the shakes ok had a chicken soup earlier eh not sure about that one but drank it anyway so far so good :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats great to hear!!

Well done.. and keep up the motivated attitude!


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Hi Nicola

Welcome and good for you that you have made the decision to go with LT. Keep with it and you will start to see results that you probably just dreamed of before.

Sure it is hard, but the feeling of being thin, and your clothes fitting you better is motivation in itself.

Try and adapt the shakes..use more water, put in crushed ice to make them taste better. I love the taste as a lot of others do...your taste buds changed..but dont be negative about them because you will start to hate taking them. If you just experiment a little...obviously with only what you are allowed, you will soon realise they arent that bad!

Good luck for your first weigh in.


5 stone to go!
hey nicola welcome aboard... i started lipotrim at 14.7 and i weighed in at 13.0 on my fourth weigh in! time will fly just keep up the water intake and the positive attitude and youll fly through this.
make sure to have some early nights and time outs and relaxing baths youll deserve them :) x


Welcome Nicola! I find the forum very good as it does keep you focused and thats a credit to everyone in here.:cool:


Don't Worry Be Happy
good luck 1st weigh in will soon be here:)


Second day and feeling good, better than i thought, was a little light headed this morning but much better this afternoon, first test over made tea for the family and i was OK :) looking forward to first weigh in next week.


Second day and feeling ok:) first test over made tea for the family and i was ok felt a little light headed this morning but feeling good now. shakes are alright i think i prefer the chocolate not sure about the chicken soup.


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Hi Nicola this is my first day and like yourself I'm not tall at 5'0. My weight is currently 13st 8 ..heaviest ever !! found day 1 reasonably ok little light headed in afternoon was glad to get home from work....bit concerned about tomorrow but hopefully okay and then plan to take it very easy at weekend to see me over the worst...according to what I read here days 3 & 4 can be the most difficult...after that it's looking 4ward to weigh in 1 ....I am already looking out for clothes in size 14 & 12 in shops as I have only been buying black clothes that cover everything these last few years ....weigh has been very depressing for a while now so really motivated for LT ..I've never ben on a VLCD /meal replacement before so prepared to give it my all ......any and all advice and encouragement would be greatly appreciated ...good luck Nicola .....lets do this together!
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