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First Day


Strong women stay slim
Hi ...

Yes that does make sense :)
So what did you get for your fist week ?
Welcome to slimvalley , where you never know when you will need this forum :)
anyway we are all helpful so post away !


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Hello !

I am new to CD too, on day 3, it is difficult but I am assured that it does get easier. I am loving the shakes - went and bought a hand blender yesterday and busy having a banana shake at the moment - mmmmmm !

I just keep thinking of myself in a size 12 dress to keep me going !

Good Luck :)
Hi there, i've also just started, well, on day 4 now, it's just resisting temptation thats the hardest part, don't feel hungry at all. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your hunger at bay. Good luck for the week ahead!!


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Hi there!
I'm only on Day 6 - so new as well! Everyone seems to get through this 1st week differently, I think the most important thing is to keep your water intake up, its really helped me... I've had no headaches or withdrawl, the only thing I suffered with from day 4 is totally worn out by about 6pm!
Good luck xx xx


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Welcome to CD and Minimins - CD is a great diet and this is a great site for support and advice. Good luck with the diet, get through the first week and give the diet chance to start working. It can truly change your life!
Thanks everyone, i've gone for 4 chocolate shakes and a variety of soups. For lunch i had the chicken and mushroom one and have to say it was lovely, so i'm looking forward to a leek and potato one later and a hot shake during a film later.

Drinking the water shouldn't be a problem i love it and have already managed 3l so far today, but i'm begining to feel like a fish ;)

I've joined a gym as well and go for an induction session on Monday - my CDC has said to take it easy for the first few weeks though and gradually build up.

It's nice to hear from others in the first week and see that you've all survived - here's hoping we all get goal.
Good luck with your 1st weigh in. let us know how you get on.
I can't wait til Wednesday so I can start having the bars too.
Hiya, welcome to Mini's. Just popped in to wish you luck on your first week and beyond. One tip re flavours, the brocolli and cheese soup is best avoided.:D
Hi I have just had my 3rd weigh in and am sooo pleased with the results. One stone in 3 weeks is amazing for me. I am doing the 810 plan so didnt expect to have such a good weight loss....I expected 2lbs maximum a week after 1st week so was very happy to lose 5lbs this week
Well done faith. 1 stone is 3 weeks in great.
i've got my weigh in on wed and am hoping for 6lb so it'll be my first stone.


Excited about the new me!
Welcome Timefor me.., everyone has said how good this CD is and you'll be agreeing with us at your 1st WI next week. Distraction is the key in the first week, go for a walk, pamper yourself and the gym is a good idea. Toning exercises are brillian, tone as you loose.

There are 2 thread's on here - 100 sit up a day challenge and "bingo wings guys and gals".. I swear by them (I have to, I started them, lol).. But honestly, challenges are a good way to think long term, away from what is happening right now and a good way to tone up while you loose :). Good luck. xx
Hi everyone..

DAY ONE DONE.. so far so good. i think i must have peed over 28 times in the past 9 hours!!.. feeling good though!

Day two should be pretty easy- i work nights..(im here now-naughty!) But it means i'll be asleep for most of it. I'm gunna try take my dog for two walks though..otherwise i will literally not move all day! can't be good for the cause!

so far I've only tried the chilli one, and the porridge..both i liked. getting used to black coffee and tea.. not so much. heh.

This place is a real inspiration, reading everyone's stories, and sharing the battle! WE WILL MAKE IT!!! :D xxxxxxxlauren x
The first 3-4 days were hard work, cooking for a family is a nightmare at first, then something clicked yesterday and i was fine.

Woke up feeling on top of the world, wasn't hungry or craving anything, I even managed to throw left over curry in the bin without being the slightest bit tempted and stayed away from the chilli peanuts hubby had as a snack last night.

I had a sneaky WI yesterday (naughty I know) and i had lost 9lbs which is more than i could ever have hoped for, i can't wait until Saturday morning.

I just want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who posts on here, without this site explaining what to expect and the wonderful success stories i don't think i'd have made it past day 3.

Wow 9lb on your sneaky weigh in is amazing.
Day 3&4 were the hardest for me too
Glad you resisted the tempation to nibble on your hubbie snacks.. great will power
stick at it and let us all know how you get on with the OFFICIAL WI on Sat