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first day


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Welcome Dal and welcome to LT.

My 2 pieces of advice are to keep drinking water and log on here as much as possible for support!!

Best of luck x


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Hi Dal

Welcome to the mad house :)!!! I am doing a January challenge with many others, do you want me to add you in for your 28lbs?

Good luck and just keep coming on here for help and advice.

Biggest advice I can give anyone, apart from keep drinking water, water, water..and that is NEVER BE NEGATIVE! Keep looking ahead and remain positive.

if you feel like caving in and just struggling in general..jump on here..there is usually a few around who can just help you along the way. We are all in it together.

Have a great week and Day 1!!


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Welcome Dal. Echo what Skinnyminny says - keep drinking plenty, come on here for plenty of tips and advice or even a moan or two and also to keep busy and before you know it you will be at goal. :D


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Hey, im hoping to lose about 2 stone before the end of january too!
Like the others have said, keep drinking the water and coming on here for support :)


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hi all
i am thinking around 2 stone by end of jan, this is my 1st day on my 2nd time around and feeling rough freezing cold and head banging !!! good luck 2 you all xxx


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1st day 2 (on restart)

hi, well i've second shake down and 2 ltrs of water 1 tea and 4 coffees!!!! and its only 3 o clock but i'm up since 530 so plan to be in bed early. i'm freezing to but the weather doesnt help,

just try to keep positive as scots says and come on here as much as you can, here's to getting tru day 1 !!!! :D:D:D:D


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Hello my darling husband x I wish you loads of luck but i know you won't need it as you always achieve whatever you set your mind to. So glad we are doing LT together and can support each other. LT is the best thing I have ever done and everyone on here is so supportive as you will soon find out. Love you loads x x x


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I'm on day 1 too,i'm not hungry but i'm thinking about stuff too much...habit of eating through boredom...so keep busy.

I find drinking Green Tea helps me aswell, gets rid of the headaches quicker since it's helping clear your toxins out and it gives you a warm just ate feeling :D


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Also a big thank you to my darling wife shaz1980 for all ur support. Also a big sorry for sitting right infront of you having my fish n chips, kfc, chicken tikka, kebabs, fry ups, mars ice-creams etc. love u loads xxxxxxxxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Great......let me know what you would like to lose through the month of January and i will add you on.

That was lovely between you and your wee wifey :)!! Great to be able to support one another during this time!!



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Hiya dal and welcome!!

LOL I take it shaz had to put up with you eating all those things when she was dieting??

Best of luck on your journey to skinnydom!!


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Hey welcome Dal, good luck with your weight loss. Two stones will be easy peasy :D

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Dal, welcome to the forum. It is fab that you and Shaz have each other for support. Drink water at every opportunity. It really helps to flush out all the toxins and to keep you hydrated and avoid headaches. lots of luck.


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yeah she did but to be fair most of my food combinations puts her off, but i think the mars ice cream was taking it a little too far.