First day

Hi guys,

I realise that i didn't even tell you what i weigh now and what i want to weight. I start this at 212lbs and want to weigh at least 125lbs. Yep, there is a black sexy number out there with my name on it. Can't wait.
So far so good. Had my slim fast for breakfast and then did my house work. Went out shopping and had my second slim fast when i got back at 3pm. I had two Jacob's cracker biscuits with a little tuna mixed with corn on them, for snack and lots of water. I think its going to be very hard. My stomach is beginning to protest already...its knows whats for dinner!

I have been working on some knitting that i started 2years ago. Yes i know...2 years!...i will get it ready for this year's winter. Its the only thing that keeps my mind of my stomach. Going to try and learn crochet, using you tube. Youtube rocks. I actually learnt to swim using the lessons on youtube as i couldn't afford swimming lessons. Mondays are ladies night for working out and swimming, so i can practise some then.

Will keep you posted. Catch ya later.xx

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