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First Day!

Hi everyone,
I just started the LT today, I've been rather encouraged by a lot of your successes while strolling through the forums.
Only worry is, I was just wondering how many of you develop bad breath, as I work in a hospital with patients and I certainly don't them to get sicker from my bad breath IF I develop it :sigh:

Time for Strawberry shake now. Hope to keep at it till target is reached!
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Hi welcome, I can only go on my last episode on lipotrim which was a good few months and only twice did my family say it was bad, this time so far no-one has commented, and i'm off to the dentists on tuesday, lets hope he doesn't keel over :D, dont worry you can always blame an infected tooth.lol


Size 14 here i come!
If you are one of the lucky ones you will escape the bad breath but there are not many that do. Don't worry too much as remember when you have stinky breath then you are in ketosis and the fat is melting away!!


Don't Worry Be Happy
good luck for your 1st weigh in and hope you get a nice surprise:)


No longer a redhead though!
Bad breath gadget!!

Feel such a numpty. This is my fourth day and woke up with furry mouth - yeeehaa... ketosis.

Rumaged around the drawers for a gadget that I bought a few weeks back in preparation of starting LT. It is a 'smell breath tester' - cost about a fiver on ebay.

1st try, morning breath for sure and came back with a smiley face on the gadget okay.

2nd try, after brushing teeth, came back with a proper grumpy face , oh dear

3rd try, after strawberry shake, came back with yet another grumpy face, oh dear.

Now realise I might have been 'had' with this gadget - it could be registering ANY SMELL couldn't it!??

.... ah ha - 'idea' get my son to brush his teeth again and try the gadget out.

Be back later to report after logging onto ebay to find these listerine strips

Lisa x
lol im not sure how accurate ur breath tester would work.
where i work in the hospital, we use a stick to measure diabetics who come in with ketoacidosis to look for ketones in the urine. i'd say that would be much more accurate


Size 14 here i come!
where i work in the hospital, we use a stick to measure diabetics who come in with ketoacidosis to look for ketones in the urine. i'd say that would be much more accurate
That's what most people on LT do to test for ketosis.:) You can buy ketostix from the chemist, much easier than your gadget!:D
;)hiya i also have started lipo trim today its good to see that there is some one starting the same day as me purhaps we could give each other support?:p how are u feeling i feel alittle bit sick today but im sure this will pass. Tina


No longer a redhead though!
The 'smell breath tester' isn't for me to see if I am in ketosis! It is to see if I have bad breath. I have ketostix, but am para about my breath being possibly rank!!
today was my first day working while taking LT.
during the lunchtime, there was a conference and a presentation. the drug rep sponsoring the meeting had such a feast laid out that i was dying to take a few bits and pieces!
Im proud that i managed to not snag a bite but the temptation was frightening!
i've even stopped doing activities that i usually snack on at the same time such as watching tv or reading a book.
it ain't easy. i hope its worth it :/


Having a mid-life crisis
Buffets are a lipotrimmers worse nightmare aren't they! I've had to sit through quite a few at work...not only do I have to resist the yummy looking food, I have to fend off the 'why aren't you eating anything' questions...*sigh*

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