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First Group Meeting was Tonight!!!

Well, I have just come home from my very first LL meeting, and I am really fired up and feel a strong conviction to get on with this, to commit to it 100%, and to acheive the success that has daunted me for the past 20 years.

It was a good night, and seems to be a great group. The obvious nervousness, etc., but I think that will dissappear pretty quickly.

I have all my packets neatly organised in my pre-emptied cabinet, and I have my last 2 diet cokes to drink tonight.

I was surprised that from the info session which was on teh 13th of December, I have stayed exactly the same weight. Wahey! No gain over Christmas?? Thats a first, and I wasn't even trying!! I really do think I am finally full!! LOL

So - this is it!!! Tomorrow, let the games begin! :D
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I remembered you had this earlier and was going to PM you to see how it went!!!

Good luck with the start... keep us informed on how it goes! Remember... the first 4 days are worse but they WILL pass so stick with it, even if it gets difficult xx
Glad your class went well - I had my first class too so it's all go for me in the morning too! We'll be fine and this time next week we'll be sat here with big smiles on our faces and weighing a lot lighter :)

Too right Katie!!! Good luck to you, may the pangs of hunger stay away!

Having my first ever packet - Chocolate shake mixed with hot water and topped off with coffe.. Its not horrible, but its not a Starbucks mocha either! hehe

Between the drive to work and the hot temperature however, I have not drank it within 15 minutes so will have to rethink that plan!!

Good luck hon

Well we're on the road now, full steam ahead! Did you drink any/enough of your shake to count as a meal? Hope you enjoy the soups, I personally don't find them too bad. Make sure you keep drinking your water and I hope you've got a loo nearby :)

I've had a banana shake this morning - every morning it's either a banana or a strawberry for me and I've had my first pint of the day .... one down - lots more to go.

Stay positive.



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well done ladies, the more water the better the result next week

sun xxx
LOL Geri hopefully that means it's a very strong feeling as I'm sure there's loads of water there :)

Good luck you two, hope all goes well. We will be following your progress.:)
LOL - thanks everyone!!!

I have nearly finished a 1.5 liter bottle of water, and have had one full packet - a chocolate shake. (Someone needs to tell them though that they left out the chocolate flavour!!! LOL)

Been to the loo a few times....and just told my friend at work I won;t be eating anything for approx 270 days!! She nearly fell off her chair!! LOL

I had one passing moment where I was going to grab something to eat!! It was completely absent minded....I immediately said, "Oh - no, you don't do that anymore!!" LOL
BL - try making the chocolate shake up with a mint tea - you can do this either hot or make the tea then leave it to go cool and then pop it in the fridge till it's cold then make a cold choc shake with it.... adds some flavour to it for you.
I had one passing moment where I was going to grab something to eat!! It was completely absent minded....I immediately said, "Oh - no, you don't do that anymore!!" LOL
I did that in my first couple of days. Really easy to absent mindedly pick something up. Fortunately I managed to remember before I took a bite out of anything.
I found in the early days the chocolate needed a sweetener to make it more palatable - worth a try!

When I did LL last year I never ate anything at all during the 100 days, was totally as good as gold - unfortunately my mind wasn't and I kept on dreaming that I'd ate something and I'd wake up feeling all sad and that I'd let myself down ... then I'd realise that it was a dream and feel a little better until I realised that I hadn't ate and still couldn't :)

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