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First pop in weigh in..3.75lbs in 4 days

I don't know why but am feeling pretty disappointed...had my first pop in weigh in lastnight and after first 4 days of LL, I've only lost 3 3/4lbs...one other girl in the group lost 3 1/2lbs but most of the others managed 6-7lbs.
I haven't cheated at all and I've been drinking 4ltrs of water a day so was pretty gutted when I'd lost so little..I know it's not little in the sense that no other diet would get me down almost 4lbs in 4 days but still....need the motivation to carry on. Any tips on what I can do? :confused:
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Don't worry about it! That's my first piece of advice. :)

I only lost 6lbs in my first week. The biggest loser lost 1st2.5lbs. I was gutted. But I hung on in there and lost 4st10lbs in the foundation period.

Bump your water up to 6 litres a day. The fat will just melt off then. I don't know why 6 litres is more effective than 4 or even 5, but for some reason 6 litres really does the trick. My counsellor told us that in the first week and I didn't believe her. But it is so so true.

Hang on in there and do your homework. It will help to write down your feelings and work through them. x
Thanks so much for your help...I'm struggling a bit with the water but I'm trying to bump it up. I'll try 6 litres a day if I can and see if that helps...have my first proper weigh in on Thursday night and that'll be me 1 week in.
Do you know what the story is with exercising? Does it help shift the weight or do people exercising lose less weight/slower than those less active?
3 3/4lb in 4 days is brilliant, I struggle to have 4lt of water a day but I do know that the more you drink the better it is, I only lost 2lb last week and was very disappointed with that but this week I lost 5lb (I am doing CD SS) it all evens itself out, just hang in there and I'm sure next weigh-in you will be pleasantly surprised.

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