First shake down... please tell me it gets better

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So day 1 and I've had my first ever shake (choc).

It took my nearly two hours to drink it (I know I am supposed to finish it within 15 mins of making it up), but I don't like shakes anyway.

I am going to try the chicken soup for tea and make up a mousse later.

I am hoping I will get used to the tastes and textures of these. I have no interest in food at the moment just a fear of not getting on with the tastes of the lipotrim diet.

Other than that day one almost accomplished!!
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I felt exactly the smae the fiurst day .. had to force the shakes donw as they were aweful .. buit after a few days you get used to them and in a week or two you may actually like them !!
I will say with the soup .. make it up with 450 - 500 mls of water so its not so strong and blend it so no lumps and try and drink it as hot as you can stand it .. otherwise I find I cant drink it .

it does get much much better .. keep going ,... the 1st days are the hardest


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Your taste buds will soon get use to them especially when they realise there is nothing else coming alone.

Stick with it, its sooo worth it just look at some of this weeks weigh ins.


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I only hated my first ever shake, but that was because I mixed with a spoon and blitzed it in the microwave.

Make sure you dont use a microwave, and try to use a hand blender to remove all lumps, they really are quite nice once you get used to them.

Cherry Blossom

In it for the long haul!
S: 20st11.5lb C: 20st11.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 48.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys... I have no intention of giving up, I have too much at stake for this. I made it up with warm water (it was cold this morning!) and mixed it with a hand blender. I am just a really fussy eater and not liking shakes anyway.

Going to give the soup a whirl in a bit.


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I think you might find the shakes are better with really cold water. I tried a hot chocolate once and found it disgusting! The heat seems to bring out the saltiness of it which when you're expecting sweetness is foul. They should be palatable though, and I'm sure you'll get into it soon. Don't be tempted to mess about with them too much - think of them as fat burning medicine and you'll be fine.

Good luck



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We all have specific preferences. For me, absolutely no to the flapjacks...yuck. But love the vanilla ..280ml of cold water, 3 icecubes blended with a half spoonful of coffee drank through a straw. It was a breeze once I discoved my 'formula'.

The first attempt at a LT shake was a plain vanilla with water and stired with a spoon...I gagged !!!
yeah you will find what you like .. I hate vanilla .. but love choc and strawberry .. but has to be very cold water ( I found choc hot nasty ) , no ice as I find it bitty .. but choc has to have exactly 325 mls in and strawberry 350 mls ... or I hate them .. play around with the amount of water and ice etc and will find what you like :)


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Ooooooo I wouldn't make a mousse if you hated your first shake, I don't think it'd be a good experience for you. Personally I hate the chicken soup on lt so i'd make sure you have a cup of water next to you when you drink it, best to make it cool so you can try and finish it fast.

You can just get one kind of shake if you prefer to get 21 of them instead a mixture of different ones. I ended up on Chocolate 3 times a day for 2 months.

It will get better for you xxx


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Hi and poor you, it should get better. Some people add sweetners to their shakes to make them sweeter but they are sweet enough for me. I hate them warm, i have the water out of the fridge and drink with a straw, makes me feel like i'm having a mcdonalds shake!
I hated the soup but go for it and i agree you probably won't like the mousse, YUK! but again you won't know till you try. Good luck, fingers crossed for you!


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hi hope your enjoying the shakes abit more but honestley i agree with every one else if you can blend ice and ice water with your shake they go down nicer i have never been able to drink shakes before and i realy struggled at first i also make a strong mint tea and mix them with either the vanilla or choc and it just takes the edge of the rubbish flavoure lol.

so glad your keeping to and doing so well keep it up.

kaz xxx


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Yes agree with everyone else, if you blend with ice too they go a bit thicker, I like to use a straw too :D


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i agree with everyone else, the colder the water the better. And the quicker you drink them the better. as for the soup i have to say its not my favourite of the lot. and as of yet i havent found a better way of making it. alls i can say is keep going as they do get better (not a lot better) and the results speak for them selves.



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Sorry to hear you didnt like the shakes!

Hope they get better for you!! Good luck :)


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im the same i use 6 pieces of ice , a sweetner , half a teaspoon of coffee, water and shake... delish.. only used 2pieces of ice the other day as i forgot to make up more and i really didnt like it at all. not nice warm..x