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First sign - my rings dont fit!!


now got pictures in album
Well today, some of my rings dont fit me! I was a little annoyed about it (as I love my rings!!) but excited that now, its starting to come off. My trousers also kept falling down today when I walked around at work :eek::eek::eek:

I think one of my goals is, 'for someone who doesnt know I am on a diet to come up to me and say 'wow you've lost weight'!! I dont know why, I think that will be really inspiring!

Next week, Its my AAMW. I've got all the food ready. I'm excited but nervous about eating food again. :rolleyes::eek::D
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I have been able to put my engagment and eternity rings back on- were too tight befoe.
I hope to move my other rings to smaller fingers as I shrink!!


now got pictures in album
isnt it great??!!! its just so exciting isnt it


Hi Lillypop,
I now have people approaching me at work/gym ( every couple of days now) saying " gosh you've lost SOME weight" "looking good...well done....look younger...." etc. Some of these are people I have never spoken to just smiled at in the corridor/gym.
It is a GREAT feeling....however....I haven't told anyone I am on CD....so I feel a bit bad having to trot out my story of giving up bread/pasta/beige food due to a food intollerance.
Whatever it takes not to get into a debate.....STILL FEELS GREAT THOUGH!! Puts a spring in my step!!
Your time will come....enjoy!!


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It is! You are doing great on this diet !!!
Why don't you wait until you hit goal before you have them reduced and ask the jeweller to make a pair of earrings or a pendent out of the excess gold? That way you will always have that bit of jewellery to remind you of your huge achievement!
thats great news. i have had my engagment ring made bigger then smaller etc etc :( During my 1st week on cd i felt it getting loose again but im not going to do anything now until i get to goal. it was 100euro to get it made smaller last time!


Ah Shucks....thank you!!:)....( I used to find it hard to accept a compliment....I'm getting better;))

We are all doing well, wherever we are on the journey.....it's a positive thing just getting started!!
(hopefully I will find someone to buy me an engaement ring....one day:innocent0001:)


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I still can't get my wedding ring on - I was 9 and a half stone when I got married. Only another million stone to go then !
I still can't get my wedding ring on - I was 9 and a half stone when I got married. Only another million stone to go then !
Yes- I don't get how come my rings fit as I am 8 stone heavier still than when I got married/engaged!
I mst always have had disproportionately hgley flabby fingers!!!
I havent been able to wear my wedding ring at all for about 2 years, and on and off a further 5 years not all due to weight gain, I also have arthritis so my fingers tend to swell with that too. Dont know if even if I get good weight loss if I will ever be able to wear it all the time. After all I was less than 8 stone when I got married my starting weight was about 6 st heavier than that

BUT on day 6 of CD and I noticed on day 4 that my watch was swinging around my wrist so yay!!

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