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First sts, How depressing :-(


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So this is my third weigh in. Week 1 = 4lb loss, week 2 = 2lb loss, week 3 = frickin sts!

I've been good I'm sure. On RC this is supposedly my first week I can have a 100 cal treat and I haven't (only 1 small glass of wine last saturday). The only thing I can think of is I've relaxed ever so slightly on the calorie counting at meal time. Still using RC recipes, under 5% fat, etc, same general portions just not the exact measuring.

Bah! DH keeps telling me I warned him this can happen (we're doing this together), but its a bit different when it does, and so early on.

Ach well, I shall go eat my healthy tea, and still not binge on crap like I normally would because I'm determined to do this. After a long day at work I was already in a bad mood, and I thought after being good all week my weigh in would cheer me up, even if it was 'only a pound'!
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Losing the mummy fat
Aww don't be so down on yourself, sts is sooo much better the gaining a 1lb or 2!
chin up :D


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Don't feel too bad about it - I put a pound on last week which had to come off this week. At least you haven't had any weight gain to undo next week.


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Actually I should have updated this as I originally did my weigh in on day 6 as I thought I'd be out of the house on Friday, but I got back from my step class earlier than I thought and I'd lost a pound after all! I think if I'd lost just a pound in the first place I wouldn't have been so exciting but compared to sts it seemed like a lot more! lol

However, dh has sts this week. He's a bit down about his now, but to be honest I'm surprised he hasn't put on as he's started with the snacking. I try and guide him away but he's a stubborn bugger once he sets his mind to something.

Hopefully if I keep losing he'll see the light again. At least we're equal now. Both lost 1/2 stone in 3 weeks! yay :)