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First time - im scared lol

hi rach and welcome. tips.

1)dont let anybody be negative about what your doing, if they dont like, lump it.
2)do your milkshakes in a blender, 250ml water 5 icecubes, tastes more like a proper milkshake.
3)dont ever try the bars, they are like crumbly cardboard, words cant actually describe how vile they are;).
4)always come on here for peoples support, it helps, alot. even do a diary if you can, that also helps.
5)dont think that if you have just a little bit of food it wont matter, it does and it always leads to worse things:(.
6)if you have any questions, always ask, someone will always answer you.
7)set yourself a realistic goal in a realistic time. my goal i 4st in 12 weeks.

tips over i think:D:D:D:D:D

youve done you first morning, the first few day are the worst. by day 7 your tiredness and headaches will go. if you can get through these you can get through anything.

good luck girl.:D:D:D

kerry xxx


Silver Member
Welcome and good luck.

Only thing to add to what Kerry has said is to drink plenty of water, at least 2ltrs a day but no more than 4ltrs :) x
Well said Kerry and Lis, and a very big welcome to you Rach! :D
Aww thanks everyone for the tips!!

Just had my dinner, a strawberry mousse! It was ok but I think I prefer the milkshake :-/
Has anyone tried the soup?! My pharmacy ran out and told me to call over Monday if I want some??!!

I'm really glad I found this forum, it's nice to have ppl who are in the same boat as me, my family & friends don't seem to get it!!!!

Just thought I'd say hi over here :)
Have a good evening x
Welcome and good luck.

Only thing to add to what Kerry has said is to drink plenty of water, at least 2ltrs a day but no more than 4ltrs :) x
doh! thats like the biggest thing not to forget, water. :D

Thanks gals! Ive had loads of water today, everytime I start to feel a little hungry I have a drink and voila hungers gone!
I take it carbonated water is ok too? Oh and does anytone know if skinny water is ok?
congratulations on getting started! i'm now in week two and its definately easier than week 1. just take one day at a time and drink water regularly through out the day. Headaches were a real problem for me in the first few days but i was told it was fine to take paracetamol, which eased them.

keep thinking of your goals and keep going!
Carbonated water is good but pretty sure no flavoured waters which I think is what skinny water is? Anyway, best of luck with it. The first week is really really tough but if you get through that, I promise, it does get easier. And, the first week is such a boost cause you lose so much initially. So hang in there! Just think of what you'll feel like when you're done! GOOD LUCK!!!
Well guys day one - SUSSED!

I feel pretty good, was tempted to get on the scales this morning to see how much Ive lost in 1 day...... silly idea rite lol! Not actually feeling hungry and Im in work where EVERYONE is eating around me! Not even tempted.
Must say you have all helped me, dont think Id cope without the support!
The only problem Im having is not bein able to chew gum..... scared to talk to anyone incase my breaths REALLY bad lol! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey racy rach today was my 1st day feeling ok.

ive tried the soup and its ok, i added pepper to help the taste hope this is aloud. i think id rather stick to shakes.

How you getting on now? xx

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