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First Time Lipotrimmer... Day 1 today... TFR

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by Curlylocks, 21 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Would love to hear from all/any newbie Lipotrims as I think I'm gonna need a Lipo Buddy! Today was day 1.
    Had Strawberry for brek, Vanilla with coffee and Canderel Stevia tab for lunch and Choc with mint tea & Canderel stevia for supper! Definitely hungry but really hoping that I can handle the hunger until the Ketosis kicks in in a few days! This is my first time doing Lipotrim.. Just got tired of having to weigh/point watch all food and exercise a million hours a week to try and lose three stone!!
    So my stats are :
    5'4" 12stone 12pounds at weigh in last night :( am hoping to lose about three stone! I'm starving guys.....
    Searched online found this site with all you wonderful people also trying to do your best.... Would love to hear from all/anyone as I think I'm gonna log in everynight and chat so I can have some support... Always easier with support from others in same boat. Hope you're all doing well today fellow Lipo losers... x Am ravenous now but gonna have a quick cup of mint tea with a stevia before I go to sleep... I expect Headaches and even further hunger tomorrow!! Am I right in what I am expecting tomorrow? Am gonna go to the sauna after work at 14.00hrs to get my mind off it... I did this afternoon.... This better be worth it... ;) Would love to hear from anyone in same boat...
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  3. Dooots

    Dooots Well-Known Member

    I've tried LT before but am back on it since Monday . It works so so well but you have to be 100% I find this site really amazing for inspiration . There is a sticky by Betsey Botox . You should check it out it's really motivating. I am 10 st 11 at the mo . I'm 5 ft 3.5 my ticker thing is wrong but I can't change it !! I am 39 with one little girl (age 3) . I am a stay at home mum. So that makes it really hard when you have to feed your child all day .!!! I've struggled with my weight for years. I love to be 9 st but have been struggling with this 2 stone for many years . The last time I was happy with my weight was my wedding 10 yrs ago .LT is the only diet that has worked for me . The only reason you put the weight back on is cause you go back to old habits. I went on the diet last oct and lost a stone in 2 weeks . But started eating over x mas and put it back on. So annoying !!! So I have 10 days to lose as much as I can... Then doing refeed in Ibiza.. See how that goes. Just stay strong and focus on your goals. If you need any support I'm here. How much are you looking to lose ?
  4. Dooots

    Dooots Well-Known Member

    Sorry re read your post there. It's 3 stone you want to lose . I found that feelin nauseous , though awful at least you don't wanna eat !!! The headaches are crap too. And you will get freakishly cold .... But it's sooooo worth it you will be amazing. Am not being nosey but are you sure it's ok for stevia ? Also be very careful in a sauna and don't underestimate the amount of water you need xxx best of luck xxx we can do this !!!!
  5. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Well-Known Member

    Hi ya Doots.... Thanks so much for ur feedback. Gonna reply properly tonight when home from work. U scared me re stevia but it's the tabs Canderel Stevia, they said u can use any artificial sweetener tabs so I figured this better than aspartame? What u think? Should I switch to Hermesetas? Or what is everyone else using? Was terribly cold alright lastnight! Hot water bottle & extra quilt! No nausea Doots no hunger or headache today yet... Just had my first shake of day for brek here at work! Vanilla & two teaspoons of Nescafé Azera instant coffee, have held off on Stevia Tab now. How are u doing this morn? Fair play to u for putting itself through for 10 days u must really feel it's worth it when committing to no food for such short period but great to have ur support. I'm gonna attempt sauna again this avo as I'm and addict anyway but I do drink tonnes of water anyway... That's never been a problem.. Sticking to the 4 litres daily give or take 500mls or so! Will post again tonight with more info re stats & few other bits of info... Look forward to hearing more from u & chatting x
  6. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Well-Known Member

    Hello curlylocks, good luck with lipo! I did it just over a year ago for 6 weeks and really loved it, I've been maintaining for a year (although I want to lose weight!) definitely worth doing. Bit of advice keep chugging down the water - the more you drink the more you shrink! - keep coming on here for support, and stick to it 100% DO NOT CHEAT!!! it's not worth it, stick with it 100% until you've reached your goal, once you've eaten, Lipotrim will never be the same, you'll never be able to get back on board properly. Good luck I wish you every success on this diet! :) Keep posting!
  7. T1506

    T1506 Well-Known Member

  8. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Well-Known Member

  9. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Well-Known Member

    Hey guys day 2 over...

    Hi Sam.... Thanks so much for your support and advice! I have to say, I thikyou've just coined a phrase " the more you drik, the more you shrink".. Ifeel I'm sticking to it 100%, probably 4 - 5lts water daily but I'm confuce as the Pharmacy states 2 litres daily and no more than 4, yet the DVD Promo from Lipotrim site says 4 but no more than 8?? Why are they givin conflicting information? ALso, do you think it's okay to have a couple of spoons of coffee in my Vanilla shake and Pepperment tea inmy Chocolate shake? I also thought ( as the Lipotrim promo site says you can have Tablet form artificial sweetners, yet another lady posted earlier today not to have them? Am very confused? You said you had such success with it and must have stuck to it rigidly, which I will do - if I know whether or not I can add coffee, artificial sweetners (Stevia tabs or hermesetas) and or Peppermint leaf tea (twinings0 to the choc shake if I fancy or must all of these be separate (in between taking the shakes for a break) as in, when I take the shakes, must they literally be with the water and nothing added? Any help/guidance? would be appreciated....

    Also anyone else any tips/advice/questions?

    Re today, Day 2; I had Vanilla plus 2 spoons coffe for brek no sweetner, Chick Soup lunch ( loved it) and Strawberry for supper (nothing added). No HEadaches ye, no hunger all morning but by 14.oohrs HUnger strikes big time... Drank approx. 4 ltrs. I have to say, I love the shakes... No problems with hem yet! Oh BTW I'm also taking a heped teaspoon of Fibre Clear with each shake as I know I would get constipated.. so taking this three times daily.

    Am dreading tomorrow day three expecting the headaches and fatigue but not really had any.. I went to Sauna after lunch shake and I also did two laps of Olympic sized Swimming pool, just to keep me a little limber as I'm not really doing any exercise like I was before which was a huge thing for me on a diet but I guessed I'd just get used to this first otherwise I may end up caving due to burning excess calories which I'm not consuming and and I seriously doubt I'm anywhere near Ketosis so still probably burning Glycogen and water etc stored in Muscles and organs... Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/questions? Would love to keep the momentum going and banter on here if I can help anyone too... I know I'm only Day too but so far.. All I can complain about is the damn hunger which sets in at around 13.00hrs... And I'm not going to complain about this too much as it's usually relieved a little after the lunch shake and then the eve shake. And if I'm truly honest, I had severe hunger in the evs on Weight Watchers too,,, always had the munchies so I figure there's probably more bang for your buck with this diet: No weighing, pointing, worrying about extra/too much fruit veg and gruesome workouts to push for weight loss. I'm substituting all that for a little more hunger I guess and hopefully I'll get a faster result rather than a couple of pounds a fortnight and all the obsessive drama of weighing and pointing, exercising with WW or worry re too much fruit veg etc..
    Sam, one more thing, you didn't say, are you back on it or planning to go back on it? Does your 100% mean, water mixed with the shakes and nothing wlse or do u think what I've been doing is okay?
    Hope you guys are having a good day today on it. Look forward to hearing from you xxx
  10. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Well-Known Member

    Hi, no I'm not on it anymore and to be honest I don't think I could manage it again! That's why I said stay on it until you've reached goal because it us so much harder the 2nd 3rd 4th time round. I'm calorie counting and exercising at the moment which I'm loving! Sounds like you are doing great. Coffee and peppermint tea in your shakes are fine by the way. I used hermeseta tablets, I think you can use any as long as it's in tablet form. Just watch your exercise in this first week, you don't want to burn yourself out or make yourself ill. I loved the taste of the shakes as well! Do you think you'll try the soup? How long are you planning on staying on it by the way? Anymore questions feel free to ask! :)
  11. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Well-Known Member

    Hi Curlylocks

    Just wanted to say a big hello and hope your getting through your days. I started lipotrim today but I knew what was ahead of me as this is the 2nd time I have done this. The last time was 3 years and then I got pregnant last year and put on the weight. I can only manage the shakes. This place is amazing as when you read other people stories it really motivates you. I currently weigh 13st 13lbs and hope to lose 5 stone. The last time I done it I started at 13 stone and got down to 9st 9lbs before I went on holiday.

    I agree with Sam_Dodd, do not stop as it is so hard to restart. When you go for your first weigh in and see what weight you have lost, it really does keep your going.

    Good luck
  12. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Well-Known Member

    Hi Hopefully thanks for saying hi.... And Sam great to hear from you guys too! Just a very quick reply as I'm at work but will reply properly to u guys tonight! Sam I had the chick soup yesterday & loved it. Gonna continue using peppermint tea in the choc & coffee in the vanilla though I thing they're okay without!
    HOpefully.... You're an inspiration as u did so well first time this will keep u motivated. The pounds will fall off u once u get stuck in! Don't hesitate for any support questions etc from me though u r more of an expert than me!
    so I've just had my morning shake bit late but work was busy... Had just plain strawberry! I went to sauna again yesterday & will again today after work. No headache yet... But was definitely getting hungry for morning shake just now....

    Sam what exercising u doing? How u find counting the cals? U doing okay with it?
    Hopefully, how's your morning going? Day 2 for u, right? What u have for brekky (as we've such an amazing choice lol). U doing anything different with ur shakes?
    Look forward to hear from u guys xx chat later. Stay strong girlies....we're all in the same boat
  13. Curlylocks

    Curlylocks Well-Known Member

    Just a quick one... Just home from work! No cravings in particular or headaches or nausea... I would love to have some food though, any type pizza, Chinese, burgers and chips! But just bored I think! Nothing to do... Working tomorrow so not going out! Think my main problem is I'm single and bored so dunno what to do with myself!! Normally when I feel like this.. It's burgers and chips washed down with wine and Haagen Dazs :( Miss that... Fed up
  14. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Well-Known Member

    That's the main problem I had with Lipotrim, boredom!! But it's burgers, chips wine and ice cream that got us in this mess in the first place! Ha! Get some pampering done.
  15. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Thread moved to the general Lipotrim forum as non-legal food talk is allowed in the 100% Lipotrim forum.
  16. hopefully-this-time

    hopefully-this-time Well-Known Member

    Hi Curlylocks

    Just wanted to say hello and also so say that I also started lipotrim on 21st May. How have you found your first days??? This is my second time on lipotrim the last one being three years ago. Believe me its really works but you have to be 100%. I went from 13st to 9st 9lbs in 10 weeks.

    My stats are, 5'4" 13st 13lbs and I would like to get 5 stone off me. How long you hoping it takes you to get to your goal/

    What's the choc with mint tea like?

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